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What Is Your Favorite Game On Nintendo 64

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Some greats - Banjo KazooieDonkey Kong 64Diddy Kong RacingLegend of Zelda Ocarina of TimeGex 64Super Mario 64 GoldeneyePokemon StadiumPaper MarioBanjo Tooie Mystical NinjaConkers Bad Fur DayMario PartyToy Story 2 (really)Super Smash Bros

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On 12/3/2009 at 5:34 PM, RollingStoned said:

Donkey Kong 64Mario Kart 64Pokemon Stadium 1 + 2Super Mario 64Super Smash Bros.The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of TimeThe Legend of Zelda: Majora's MaskBanjo-KazooieConker's Bad Fur DayGex 64 + Gex 3Paper Mario:)

To expand on my original post from way back when:

DK64: I loved this game as a kid. My sister and I put in over 200 hours on this game trying to make our way to 101% completion (who knows how much of that was just time spent with the game on pause). I still love this game, but there's way, way, way too much that goes into trying to complete it for its fun-factor to be my favorite.

Mario Kart 64: Didn't care for it much as a kid, but as a teen, this was a game I used to speedrun. I mastered the basic levels, but mirror mode proved to be a different challenge entirely.

Pokemon Stadiums: Okay, I first played these before ever playing the Game Boy Pokemons. In order to get anywhere close to beating either of these games, you have to spend hours upon hours upon hours upon hours training and leveling up your Game Boy Pokemon to be fit for the in-game tournaments. Mind you, this whole ordeal means you'll be training not one, but six elite Pokemon from your Game Boy (because rentals are crud) to face-off in Prime Cup and Gym Leader Castle. I've spend hundreds of hours playing Gens I & II and never even made it to the first Mewtwo battle. These are good games, but far from my favorites.

Super Smash Bros.: I first played this at my cousin's house at a time when Melee was almost certainly the defining Smash Bros. game, but I couldn't put the controller down. I had never seen anything like it. Using characters from different franchises to face-off against each other was completely new to me. The original N64 game still holds a place in my heart, but its successors have largely replaced it as favorites.

LoZ:OoT and LoZ:MM: Great games, but flawed. Out of every game on this list, I'd say these two have best stood the test of time. I'd say OoT is my favorite between the two because MM has some very frustrating parts that made me want to ragequit (I went on hiatus from the game for several years but eventually beat it).

Banjo-Kazooie: Ah, like DK64 and Super Mario 64, except now it includes the best of both worlds. I loved this game right up until the end, when play got unprecedentedly tedious.

Conker: Fun, until I lost interest. I mean, the fun parts were fun, and the rest wasn't bad. Good game? Sure. One of the greatest on the console? Uhh, not to me.

Gex: This series is dated, to say the least. For me, well, Gex 64 was the first video game I ever played, and its references at the time were totally current, yo (not that I understood all of them). Great game, surely not, but both of these on the N64 can be fun, regardless of how well Dana Gould's voice acting has aged. They're 3D platformers at their most basic, with loads of '90s pop culture references sewn in.

Paper Mario: Woah nelly, was this ever a great series. I haven't played anything past Super Paper Mario, but that first game had me hooked. The Thousand-Year Door is one of the greatest direct sequels to a game I've come across. I remember marathoning through one level in PM because I couldn't just save the game and call it a day. This is definitely one of my favorites not just on N64, but on any game console.

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