Favorite Pokémon Indigo League episode(s)?

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What are your favorite episodes of Pokémon from before the Orange Islands and Johto?

Here's the WP episode guide in case you need it:émon:_Indigo_League_episodes

The funniest episode was "Challenge of the Samurai" clearly because of the Metapod vs. Metapod battle. Anytime I'm feeling nostalgic and in need of a comfort show, I'll think of this episode and my spirits rise.

The saddest episode has to be "Pikachu's Goodbye" because it really got me as a child. Ash makes a very grown-up decision to leave Pikachu behind with a group of wild Pikachus, despite the fact that Pikachu has been the only one who's stuck with Ash since the very beginning.

My favorite episode is a tie because it's the two-part combination of "Battle Aboard the St. Anne" and "Pokémon Shipwreck" that makes me love this show. Idk what to say, but I like watching disasters, so these have to be my favorites.

What are yours?

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some of my favorites  was when ash meets mankey i always found that to be a very funny episode . 

i loved the episode when ash fights LT surge . i found that to be one of my favorite classic gym battles in the first season 

i did too like the ship wreak episode . i found it was funny with james buying magickarp for 500 dollars only to kick off the boat making gyardos and them all using dragon rage . 

i also like when chameleon evolved to charizard during the fossil hunt to fight aerodactyl

i also liked the dragonite episode when they showed him like 500 feet fall and he used hyper beam to destroy the light house and wipe out team rocket . 

i also thought the grimier and krabby episodes were both good . 

i also like the episode when they crashed landed on the island were it was a big huge Pokemon amusement park were it was the legendary birds and charizard ,blastoise and vensaur . and on the other side of the island was the pokemon all talking and working togeather to make it back . i also think that were they got the idea for those Gameboy advance and Ds games . the Pokemon mystery dungeon series 

two of my saddest moments i think was bye bye butter free ,and when ash lost in Pokemon league .another sad moment was when they were trying to save charmander from his tail burning out . 

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