Disable JavaScript disabling right-click context menu

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Can you right-click and get a context menu anywhere on I bet you can't.

When you log in on the game, do you find yourself also wanting to log in to the forums (or practically any other CT page) in a different tab via the main site, but can't?

Here's why.

By default, CT's JavaScript disables users from right-clicking anywhere on the main site to get a context menu. The context menu for right-clicking the forums link would look something similar to this:


I'm sure this addition was originally made to combat hackers who tried to modify the site's scripts to their advantage. Due in part to thorough tests on the site's scripts roughly made 9-10 years ago, this isn't exactly necessary nowadays.

If you would like a button to add right-click context menus on the main site, simply add the following to your bookmarks bar: "javascript:void(document.oncontextmenu=null);". If you would like this functionality enabled by default, let me hear your opinions!

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