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May 2019 Releases

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4 hours ago, Sharktibolt said:

OH MY GOSH... :D :D :D:D :D :D:D:D :D 

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Riddle Story of Devil (13 toons)


 20190501_075315s.chitaru.png    Chitaru Namatame (RA)

   20190501_075450s.haru.png  Haru Ichinose (CM)

 20190501_075656s.haruki.png    Haruki Sagae (UN)

     20190501_075617s.hitsugi.pngHitsugi Kirigaya (CM)

  20190501_075911s.isuke.png   Isuke Inukai (CM)

   20190501_080133s.koko.png  Koko Kaminaga (CM)

   20190501_075535s.mahiru.png  Mahiru "Shinya" Banba (VR)

  20190501_075355s.nio.png   Nio Nashiri (RA)

     20190501_080211s.otoyo.pngOtoyo Takechi (RA)

     20190501_080054s.shiena.pngShiena Kenmochi (CM)

  20190501_075737s.sumireko.png   Sumireko Hanabusa (VR)

    20190501_080013s.suzo.png Suzu Shutou (UN)

  20190501_080252s.tokaku.png   Tokaku Azuma (CM)


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My Hero Academia expansion (32 toons)


   20190501_071806s.all_for_one.png  All for One (HR)

     20190501_071841s.anima.pngAnima (RA)

   20190501_071925s.cant_stop_twinkling.png  Can't Stop Twinkling (RA)

    20190501_072000s.cellophane.png Cellophane (UN)

  20190501_072038s.chargebolt.png   Chargebolt (UN)

  20190501_072113s.creati.png   Creati (CM)

 20190501_072144s.dabi.png    Dabi (CM)

  20190501_072217s.deku.png   Deku (CM)

   20190501_072255s.earphone_jack.png  Earphone Jack (RA)

     20190501_072327s.froppy.pngFroppy (CM)

    20190501_072404s.grape_juice.png Grape Juice (CM)

     20190501_072438s.himiko_toga.pngHimiko Toga (CM)

     20190501_072518s.hitoshi_shinso.pngHitoshi Shinso (RA)

     20190501_073140s.ingenium.pngIngenium (CM)

    20190501_073218s.invisible_girl.png Invisible Girl (RA)

     20190501_073253s.kacchan.pngKacchan (CM)

 20190501_073322s.magne.png    Magne (VR)

    20190501_073403s.mei.png Mei Hatsume (RA)

 20190501_073458s.moonfish.png    Moonfish (CR)

  20190501_073536s.mr_compress.png   Mr. Compress (VR)

    20190501_073613s.muscular.png Muscular (CR)

 20190501_073652s.mustard.png    Mustard (VR)

     20190501_073729s.pinky.pngPinky (UN)

     20190501_073812s.red_riot.pngRed Riot (CM)

   20190501_073855s.shoto.png  Shoto (CM)

    20190501_073931s.spinner.png Spinner (VR)

 20190501_074005s.sugarman.png    Sugarman (UN)

    20190501_074041s.tailman.png Tailman (UN)

  20190501_074117s.tentacole.png   Tentacole (UN)

     20190501_074158s.tsukuyomi.pngTsukuyomi (UN)

 20190501_074228s.twice.png    Twice (CM)

    20190501_074311s.uravity.png Uravity (CM)


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