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The Rising of the Shield Hero

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This new anime came out which is "The Rising of the Shield Hero" it's a cool anime but still very new only 4  or 5 episodes now so this set probably wont be easy to make until the first season is over. Once it is I think it would be a great addition. Also if you need a new anime to check out then give it a view and let me know what you think. If you have seen it put some love in this so it can be a set later.

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I've been reading the manga translations of this and a set would be cool, but from what I see the anime is only just getting started, so character images are limited from what I could find. I mean 10 is a decent small set but I know there will be more to add later. :lol:Still, for the sake of having these:


Aultcray Melromarc








Itsuki Kawasumi


Malty Melromarc


Melty Melromarc


Motoyasu Kitamura


Naofumi Iwatani




Ren Amaki



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Ya it is pretty new which is why I'm thinking it may take some time to get enough toons but once there is enough id be fun to see. Even maybe putting in one for a code toon could be neat

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