Your thoughts on CT: Then vs. Now

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When you joined CollecToons, you had an idea of what you'd expect out of the site. When you logged in today, your expectations might have changed. Post your thoughts.

Then: When I first learned of CT, I ignored it as another fad Internet site that wouldn't last. I ignored it for several months, in fact. Being a former Orbiter, I was against the idea of a fan-made site with cartoons from both CN and Nickelodeon (Danny Phantom was prominently featured on the main page at this time,.). A while later, I joined thinking skeptically that CT wouldn't last a whole year.

Now: I have spent a lot of time on CT that could've been better spent reading or exercising, especially in my first 1.5 years here. That being said, I can say I learned a lot more than I would have in school about animation, cybersecurity, and economics. I'm grateful for having given CT a chance. I still visit with more suggestions but less enthusiasm for the game itself.

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Then: I don't remember much. I was just incredibly happy to see an orbit site. More than that even though, was that this site was being ran by former members of CNOC and ETCC. This was the orbit community I group up chatting with, getting to know, sharing life with, and growing with. I wish I could go back and just watch old me play and chat on there. 

Now: Played for awhile back when it first came out. quit, and then just recently came back to see if it was still around and who was still here. It's nice because I can still progress in something (waiting for shops to refresh to grab CRs, HRs, and whatever), play some arcade games if i'm bored or have free time, but still have time to do other things between shop refreshes, like study or play guitar. 

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