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Premium memberships have been around almost as long as CollecToons itself. Users donate a measly $5 and, boom, a month of premium features, including the auto-surfer, bank account, and storage locker.

But what if we wanted users to donate more than $5? There isn't much incentive to do so now, aside from an initially available points bonus and the recently revealed Suppoints cToons.

What if we had a feature beyond premium? I present to you my newest suggestion: Premium+.

A Premium+ membership would grant a user all of the existing premium benefits plus a few new ones. What would the requirements be? A user must donate an arbitrarily higher amount of money--in this example, let's say a crisp $20 bill. After donating his Andrew Jackson paper trading card, the user is now given a month of the Premium+ membership features, which include:

-Bank account: Users now gain interest on their points automatically, defaulting to the highest available APR, without having to log in each day and click the button. Perhaps, users can gain bank interest at the start of each day (00:00:00 CT time) that is calculated based on their actual point total instead of an interest rate bracket.
-Auto-surfer: Users gain twice the points from auto-surfing.
-Arcade: Users receive 1.5x the normal points gained from arcade games compared to regular users.
-Collection: Users can now view cToons not owned by them on the My Collection page, including infocards and statistics.
-Inbox: Users now have more space for their inbox, with the default message deletion time limit being removed so that messages can be saved indefinitely (that is, unless the user's Premium+ membership expires).

These features would increase the incentive for users to donate more rather than more often. I don't expect all of them to come to fruition if such a membership is created, but it's a nice idea nonetheless.

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