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July 2018 Donator of the Month

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July Donator of the Month

Let the Plaques Roll!! This month is all about plaques!! Instead of our regular five and ten prizes, we will be doing all the way up to 20 for those that always try for the top spots and do not make it. We are giving you more bang for your buck on this explosive holiday month!!

Every one who donates at least 5$ gets oNNB7Jh.gif

Every one who donates at least 10$ getsYrPG4yv.gifoNNB7Jh.gif

Everyone who donates at least 15$ gets4jbV4f5.gifYrPG4yv.gifoNNB7Jh.gif

Everyone who donates at least 20$ gets OuE4MzU.gifzwmKDc5.gif4jbV4f5.gifYrPG4yv.gifoNNB7Jh.gif

First through fifth also get special explosive prizes!!!

1st place gets20150102_190418s.en_erza.png20130525_222510s.naraku2.png20091213_104154s.maka.png20090526_112925s.BM_inflight.gif20170419_211648s.Heaven_wheel_Armor_erza

2nd place gets20140515_224344s.spoon_mewtwo.png20130210_173713s.mecha_mewtwo.png20110530_184443s.suicine.png20131110_082450s.250.png20161107_140823s.pikacharizard.png

3rd place gets20121210_062059s.Kyuubi_Naruto.png20161203_081059s.rin_sacrifice.png20121215_132417s.bleach-hollow-ichigo.pn20140607_231051s.Eight-Tailed-Giant-Ox.p20170428_124823s.im_in_hell.png20170426_131818s.the_sage_of_six_paths.p

4th place gets20160812_001406s.super_saiyan_blue_goku_20160717_162200s.performing_gazelle.png20141029_204933s.eclipsed_luna.png20161122_234211s.daddy_little_monster.pn20150222_102931s.AnimeGroup.png

5th place gets20160930_083628s.i_will_protect_you.png20160724_033051s.goku_first_kamehameha.p20160429_154826s.Armored_titan.png20151116_112625s.vegeta_sacrifice.png20160930_083502s.moon_gaze.png

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