The Smackdown Quarter Has Ended!

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It's been almost 8 years of using the old thread, I think for the sake of not needing to go through so many pages and posts it's time we started a new one. :lol: It IS the first quarter with the new reward toons anyways!


So below are the Top 30 for this past quarter. Only Top 20 will receive prizes, but 21st-30th are included in case we need to bump people up. Another page was included for the sake of including the actual 30th place person, since EvlTgpi is discounted for being the site plot villain account.


Scores have also been reset for the new quarter.




Please stay tooned for a more detailed post that asks everyone to pick their prizes. :) 

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It has ended! Below is the chart on what you got:

1-5 gets all

6-10 get 3/4 they choose two one random

11-15 they choose one and one random

16-20 they choose one




If you got equal or more wins you will receive these:

150 wins: 


200 wins:  

Related image

300 wins: 


ALSO if you're in top 5 you get this!







for getting first with a whopping score of 2803!



KittyWolfHorse19 - 773

Darknessflamedragon - 715

wanteddead411 - 656

Antsalazar08 - 621


thelastsith - 557

Tooner58 - 315

dragonwolf - 302

Justme - 276

screechingweasel96 - 247



Lannisteryen - 212

baywatch7 - 183

amaris - 159

LoverOfDisney - 150

Buttercup101 - 131



narengoku - 98

dbzeee - 85


Sharktibolt - 51

azureindignation - 47


CONGRATS TO EVERYONE! A new quarter has begun and will end... OCTOBER 1ST

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1. RubixCube 20180326_102515s.Hercule_heavyweight_bel20180611_222931s.Vanquishers.png20180609_00025320180326_102736s_aura_sph20180326_102844s.itachi_susanoo.png20180326_103246s.artorias.png20180326_103036s.back_off_kevin.png20180326_102951s.demon_meliodas.png20180326_103120s.all_Tangled_up.png

2. KittyWolfHorse19 20180326_102515s.Hercule_heavyweight_bel20180611_222931s.Vanquishers.png20180609_00025320180326_102736s_aura_sph20180326_102844s.itachi_susanoo.png20180326_103246s.artorias.png20180326_103036s.back_off_kevin.png20180326_102951s.demon_meliodas.png20180326_103120s.all_Tangled_up.png

3. Darknessflamedragon 20180326_102515s.Hercule_heavyweight_bel20180611_222931s.Vanquishers.png20180609_00025320180326_102736s_aura_sph20180326_102844s.itachi_susanoo.png20180326_103246s.artorias.png20180326_103036s.back_off_kevin.png20180326_102951s.demon_meliodas.png20180326_103120s.all_Tangled_up.png

4. wanteddead411 20180326_102515s.Hercule_heavyweight_bel20180611_222931s.Vanquishers.png20180609_00025320180326_102736s_aura_sph20180326_102844s.itachi_susanoo.png20180326_103246s.artorias.png20180326_103036s.back_off_kevin.png20180326_102951s.demon_meliodas.png20180326_103120s.all_Tangled_up.png

5. Antsalazar08 20180326_102515s.Hercule_heavyweight_bel20180611_222931s.Vanquishers.png20180609_00025320180326_102736s_aura_sph20180326_102844s.itachi_susanoo.png20180326_103246s.artorias.png20180326_103036s.back_off_kevin.png20180326_102951s.demon_meliodas.png20180326_103120s.all_Tangled_up.png

6. thelastsith  20180611_222931s.Vanquishers.png20180609_00025320180326_102736s_aura_sph20180326_102844s.itachi_susanoo.png20180326_103120s.all_Tangled_up.png20180326_102951s.demon_meliodas.pngquestionmark.png

7. Tooner58 20180611_222931s.Vanquishers.png20180609_00025320180326_102736s_aura_sph20180326_102844s.itachi_susanoo.png20180326_103036s.back_off_kevin.png20180326_103120s.all_Tangled_up.pngquestionmark.png

8. dragonwolf 20180611_222931s.Vanquishers.png20180609_00025320180326_102736s_aura_sph20180326_102844s.itachi_susanoo.png20180326_102951s.demon_meliodas.png20180326_103120s.all_Tangled_up.pngquestionmark.png

9. Justme 20180609_00025320180326_102736s_aura_sph20180326_102844s.itachi_susanoo.png20180326_103120s.all_Tangled_up.png20180326_102951s.demon_meliodas.pngquestionmark.png

10. screechingweasel96 20180609_00025320180326_102736s_aura_sph20180326_102844s.itachi_susanoo.png20180326_103036s.back_off_kevin.png20180326_103120s.all_Tangled_up.pngquestionmark.png

11. Lannisteryen 20180609_00025320180326_102736s_aura_sph20180326_102844s.itachi_susanoo.png20180326_102951s.demon_meliodas.pngquestionmark.png

12. baywatch7 20180326_102844s.itachi_susanoo.png20180326_103036s.back_off_kevin.pngquestionmark.png

13. amaris 20180326_102844s.itachi_susanoo.png48px-Exclamation_Point_-_Red_Emblem.svg.questionmark.png

14. LoverOfDisney 20180326_102844s.itachi_susanoo.png20180326_103120s.all_Tangled_up.pngquestionmark.png

15. Buttercup101 48px-Exclamation_Point_-_Red_Emblem.svg.questionmark.png

16. narengoku 20180326_102951s.demon_meliodas.png

17. dbzeee 48px-Exclamation_Point_-_Red_Emblem.svg.

18. BTVKIDS 48px-Exclamation_Point_-_Red_Emblem.svg.

19. Sharktibolt 20180326_103036s.back_off_kevin.png

20. azureindignation 48px-Exclamation_Point_-_Red_Emblem.svg.


*48px-Exclamation_Point_-_Red_Emblem.svg. = Pick one of these: 20180326_103246s.artorias.png20180326_103036s.back_off_kevin.png20180326_102951s.demon_meliodas.png20180326_103120s.all_Tangled_up.png

*questionmark.png = Random one of these: 20180326_103246s.artorias.png20180326_103036s.back_off_kevin.png20180326_102951s.demon_meliodas.png20180326_103120s.all_Tangled_up.png

(From left to right, Dark Souls, Ed Edd n Eddy, Seven Deadly Sins, and Tangled)

If you need to pick a ctoon, please pick your ctoon by the end of July 10th, or a random one will be assigned to you. Good luck everyone for the next quarter!


@RubixCube @TheWolfandtheRose @Darknessflamedragon @OrphanMaker @Antsalazar08

@thelastsith @Tooner58 @dragonwolf @Justme @screechingweasel96

@lannisteryen @baywatch7 @amaris @Moana of Motunui @Starfire

@narengoku @dbzeee @BTVKIDS @Azure Indignation

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Tangled toon please :) 

thanks Shark 

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Please and Thank you.

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Ed, Edd, and Eddy & Tangled, please and thank you!!!

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EEE and Tangled as well, please and thanks!

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Seven Deadly Sins and Tangled pls

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Seven deadly sins please

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EEE please and thank You! Great work everyone :)

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I'd like20180326_102951s.demon_meliodas.pngand 20180326_103120s.all_Tangled_up.png please. Thank you! :)

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12-14 are also missing the 150 win toon :) 

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Meliodas please.

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