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Shiny Pokemon Animation

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Figure1                                      Figure 2

As we can see from figure 1 and figure 2, there is an inconsistency between the animation of shiny Pokemon in this game. Shiny Arceus was the first shiny introduced into the game, and as you can see has a wonderful animated shine to it. The shinies introduced afterward all do not have this shine. I understand the animation was added by a member who did not find the renders or cut the other shinies in the game (I'd have to look back to remember who did it), but I imagine adding the animation (or a new one) to all of them is possible. This isn't a problem, but a regression of quality is not something any of us want to see. In short, my opinion is a shine should be added to all shinies, all of which are below.


20130720_171805shinysparkle-arceus.gif20180221_235019Shiny_Mew.pngShiny DittoShiny MismagiusShiny Porygon20180515_234109shiny_celebi.png


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Conspiracy theory: Shiny Arceus only got that animation because it's a god! :smokin:

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