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September 2017 Donator of the Month

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This just in! A major catastrophe looks to be coming to Collectoons and we need to assemble a team to rescue us from sure disaster! We need your help to assemble this... squad!

The top 20 donators (oh yea... lots of winners this time!) this month will each pick a toon to be a part of an exclusive Donator's Choice LE set to be released in November. This set may be called the...

CT Suicide Squad! 

  •  Each of the winning 20 donators will get their hands on their selected toon before it hit the shops in November.
  • The top 5 donators will receive the whole set before it hits shops!
  •  The top 3 donators will receive a Chaos Rare Ctoon of their Choice. There are multiples of each, so all three can pick the same one if they want. Choices are:20151023_221456s.challengers_fm1.png20151023_221414s.saiyans_fm1.png20151023_221539s.vigilantes_fm1.png20170508_003231s.always_enemies.png20170508_003333s.ladies_man_batman.png20170508_003416s.shiny_charizard.png
  •  The #1 Donator will be selected the Captain of the CT Suicide Squad. The Captain will make the decision whether or not to put the LE toons in their respected set, or to have the toons stay in a special set called, CT Suicide Squad.
  • Everyone who donates at least 5$ will get a Suicide Squad StickerbLLzyab.png
  • Everyone who donates at least 10$ will get a Reapers PlaqueL6gnxKB.gif and a Suicide Squad Sticker.bLLzyab.png
  • Everyone who donates at least 5$ will be put in a raffle to win a Suicide Squad Chaos Rare.20160306_084019suicide_squad.png


Any limitations to what images you can choose will be listed here:


- Toons chosen cannot be the same character (highest donator gets first dibs)

- Images must be kid-friendly and refrain from any nudity, profanity, or discrimination

- Images must be full-body sized so they can be cut

- Images must only have 1 character on them or two that are posed together, not separate.

- Images must be in good enough quality

- If the toon chosen has potential to morph in Smackdown, we reserve the right to decline an image

- Any fan-art must be approved

- If the image is already something we have in the works for the future, then we reserve the right to decline it

- RECOMMENDED: Have the toons in a cool action pose! (especially if the character is not already a toon in-game yet)

- Toons must be spicy



To give you an idea on what kinds of images we can work with, check these out:








To give you an idea on what kinds of images we can't work with, check these out:



60665477?region=US&size=600x400 - not full-body

gohan-and-trunks-fan-art.jpg - fan-art isn't up to content standards


 - has multiple characters


Here are the best examples: Last year's set.


**The sooner the winners decide on their toons then the sooner all winners will receive their toons.**

Excited to see what heroes you guys will choose for us ;)

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