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Week 1 (9/3/17)

Toy Story expansion (18 toons)


20170829_130032s.babyface.png - Babyface (CM)

20170829_130809s.disintegrated_buzz.png - Disintegrated Buzz (VR)

20170829_130140s.ducky.png - Ducky (CM)

20170829_130856s.dr_porkchop.png - Evil Dr. Porkchop (HR)

20170829_130227s.froggie_Car.png - Froggie & Walking Car (UN)

 20170829_130321s.hand_in_the_box.png - Hand in the Box (CM)

20170829_131454s.hanging_woody.png - Hanging Around Woody (CR)

20170829_130933s.hockey_puck.png - Hockey Puck (RA)

20170829_130407s.jingle_joe.png - Jingle Joe (UN)

20170829_131312s.karate_chop_action.png - Karate Chop Action (CR)

20170829_130459s.legs.png - Legs (CM)

20170829_130643s.rockmobile.png - Rockmobile (UN)

20170829_130729s.roller_bob.png - Roller Bob (UN)

20170829_131014s.roly_poly_clown.png - Roly Poly Clown (RA)

20170829_131221s.running_green_alien.png - Running Green Alien (CM)

20170829_131102s.sailing_no_more.png - Sailing No More (CR)

20170829_131356s.sitting_jessie.png - Sitting Jessie (RA)

20170829_131144s.ts_zurg.png - TS Zurg (VR)

Dynasty Warriors (15 toons)


20170829_133810s.cao_Cao.png - Cao Cao (RA)

20170829_134451s.dian_wei.png - Dian Wei (CM)

20170829_134538s.diao_chan.png - Diao Chan (VR)

20170829_134618s.guan_yu.png - Guan Yu (CM)

20170829_134707s.lu_bu.png - Lu Bu (CR)

20170829_134746s.lu_xun.png - Lu Xun (CM)

20170829_134826s.sima_yi.png - Sima Yi (CM)

20170829_134904s.sun_shang_xiang.png - Sun Shang Xiang (CM)

20170829_134943s.taishi_ci.png - Taishi Ci (UN)

20170829_135029s.xiahou_dun.png - Xiahou Dun (CM)

20170829_135110s.xu_zhu.png - Xu Zhu (UN)

20170829_135148s.zhang_fei.png - Zhang Fei (CM)

20170829_135225s.zhao_yun.png - Zhao Yun (CM)

20170829_135303s.zhou_yu.png - Zhou Yu (CM)

20170829_135344s.zhuge_liang.png - Zhuge Liang (RA)

Hearthstone (31 toons)


20170829_142319s.classic_pack.png - Hearthstone Pack (GB)

20170829_151450s.abomination.png - Abomination (CCG)

20170829_151111s.angry_chicken.png - Angry Chicken (CCG)

20170829_151022s.big_game_hunter.png - Big Game Hunter (CCG)

20170829_150616s.deathwing.png - Deathwing (CCG)

20170829_151209s.knife_juggler.png - Knife Juggler (CCG)

20170829_150509s.leeroy_jenkins.png - Leroy Jenkins (CCG)

20170829_152038s.leper_gnome.png - Leper Gnome (CCG)

20170829_152311s.loot_hoarder.png - Loot Hoarder (CCG)

20170829_144037s.lorewalker_cho.png - Lorewalker Cho (CCG)

20170829_152217s.mad_bomber.png - Mad Bomber (CCG)

20170829_151706s.master_swordsmith.png - Master Swordsmith (CCG)

20170829_150730s.molten_giant.png - Molten Giant (CCG)

20170829_150832s.mountain_giant.png - Mountain Giant (CCG)

20170829_151309s.questioning_adventurer. - Questing Adventurer (CCG)

20170830_131202s.ravenholdt_assassin.png - Ravenholdt Assassin (CCG)

20170829_152531s.scarlet_crusader.png - Scarlet Crusader (CCG)

20170829_150929s.sea_giant.png - Sea Giant (CCG)

20170829_151950s.shield_bearer.png - Shieldbearer (CCG)

20170829_152708s.silvermoon_guardian.png - Silvermoon Guardian (CCG)

20170829_152618s.spell_breaker.png - Spellbreaker (CCG)

20170829_152846s.spiteful_smith.png - Spiteful Smith (CCG)

20170829_151541s.sunwalker.png - Sunwalker (CCG)

20170829_152442s.tauren_warrior.png - Tauren Warrior (CCG)

20170829_152357s.thrallmar_farseer.png - Thrallmar Farseer (CCG) - Venture Co. Mercenary (CCG)

20170829_151401s.violet_Teacher.png - Violet Teacher (CCG)

20170829_152933s.windfury_harpy.png - Windfury Harpy (CCG)

20170829_151807s.wisp.png - Wisp (CCG)

20170829_151859s.worgen_infiltrator.png - Worgen Infiltrator (CCG)

20170829_152130s.youthful_brewmaster.png - Youthful Brewmaster (CCG)


Week 2 (9/10/17)

20170925_233141s.moonshiners.png - Moonshiners

Mighty No. 9 (30 toons)


20170829_153716s.aviator.png - Aviator Mighty No. 6 (CM)

20170829_153638s.battalion.png - Battalion Mighty No. 5 (CM)

20170829_153242s.beck.png - Beck Mighty No. 9 (CM)

20170829_153758s.brandish.png - Brandish Mighty No. 7 (CM) - Call (CM)

20170829_153840s.countershade.png - Countershade Mighty No. 8 (CM)

20170829_153429s.Cryosphere.png - Cryosphere Mighty No. 2 (CM)

20170829_154526s.dr_blackwell.png - Dr. Blackwell (RA)

20170829_154319s.dr_soichiro.png - Dr. Soichiro Sanda (UN)

20170829_154406s.dr_william.png - Dr. William White (UN)

20170829_153518s.Dynatron.png - Dynatron Mighty No. 3 (CM)

20170829_154009s.golden_beck.png - Golden Beck (CR)

20170829_154605s.gregory_graham.png - Gregory Graham (RA)

20170829_154739s.marimock.png - Marimock (VR)

20170829_160631s.megaxel_form.png - MegaXel Form (BP)

20170829_154818s.nameless.png - Nameless (CR)

20170829_154148s.patch.png - Patch (UN)

20170829_153341s.pyrogen.png - Pyrogen Mighty No. 1 (CM)

20170829_154230s.ray.png - Ray (HR)

20170829_160346s.ReXelection_aviator.png - ReXelection Aviator (BP)

20170829_160045s.ReXelection_battalion.p - ReXelection Batallion (BP) - ReXelection Brandish (BP)

20170829_160537s.ReXelection_countershad - ReXelection Countershade (BP)

20170829_155817s.ReXelection_cryosphere. - ReXelection Cryosphere (BP) - ReXelection Dynatron (BP)

20170829_155718s.ReXelection_pyrogen.png - ReXelection Pyrogen (BP)

20170829_155951s.ReXelection_seismic.png - ReXelection Seismic (BP)

20170829_154648s.robosec.png - Robosec (VR)

20170829_153557s.Seismic.png - Seismic Mighty No. 4 (CM)

20170829_153928s.xel.png - Xel (CM)

Toontown (22 toons)


20170829_174742s.bean_counter.png - Bean Counter (UN)

20170829_174233s.cashbot_logo.png - Cashbot Logo (CM)

20170829_174322s.cold_Caller.png - Cold Caller (CM)

20170829_174002s.flippy.png - Flippy (CM)

20170829_174616s.glad_hander.png - Glad Hander (UN)

20170829_175458s.loan_shark.png - Loan Shark (VR)

20170829_175214s.money_bags.png - Money Bags (RA)

20170829_174929s.mover_and_shaker.png - Mover & Shaker (RA)

20170829_175415s.mr_hollywood.png - Mr. Hollywood (VR)

20170829_174533s.name_dropper.png - Name Dropper (UN)

20170829_175053s.number_cruncher.png - Number Cruncher (RA)

20170829_174144s.penny_pincher.png - Penny Pincher (CM)

20170829_175535s.robber_baron.png - Robber Baron (VR)

20170829_174451s.sellbot_logo.png - Sellbot Logo (CM)

20170829_174052s.short_change.png - Short Change (CM)

20170829_174409s.telemarketer.png - Telemarketer (CM)

20170829_175701s.the_cfo.png - The CFO (CR)

20170829_175333s.the_mingler.png - The Mingler (VR)

20170829_175616s.the_vp.png - The VP (CR)

20170829_174659s.tightwad.png - Tightwad (UN)

20170829_174822s.toontown_logo.png - Toontown Logo (RA)

20170829_175014s.two_Face.png - Two-Face (RA)


Week 3 (9/17/17)

Back to the Future (11 toons)


20170830_145046s.Back-To-the-Future-Logo - Back to the Future Logo (RA)

20170830_144634s.Biff-Tannen.png - Biff Tannen (RA)

20170830_144556s.Clara-Brown.png - Clara Brown (UN)

20170830_145121s.DeLorean.png - DeLorean (RA)

20170830_144748s.Doc-Brown.png - Doc Brown (CM)

20170830_144712s.Einstein.png - Einstein (UN)

20170830_144824s.Elvis-McFly.png - Elvis McFly (VR)

20170830_144935s.Jules-Brown.png - Jules Brown (CM)

20170830_144857s.Marty-McFly.png - Marty McFly (CM) - Time Traveling Train (CR)

20170830_145013s.Verne-Brown.png - Verne Brown (CM)

Lilo & Stitch expansion (24 toons)


20170830_142706s.drowsy.png - Drowsy (UN)

20170830_142759s.elastico.png - Elastico (RA)

20170830_142846s.family_sandcastle.png - Family Sandcastle (CR)

20170830_142926s.finder.png - Finder (CM)

20170830_144059s.fire_ice.png - Fire & Ice (CR)

20170830_143007s.frenchfry.png - Frenchfry (CM)

20170830_143200s.houdini.png - Houdini (VR)

20170830_143246s.houla_lilo_stitch.png - Hula Lilo and Stitch (CR)

20170830_143321s.kixx.png - Kixx (CM) - Link (CM)

20170830_143452s.melty.png - Melty (UN)

20170830_143532s.mr_stenchy.png - Mr. Stenchy (VR)

20170830_143609s.nosy.png - Nosy (CM)

20170830_143656s.richter.png - Richter (UN)

20170830_143735s.sample.png - Sample (RA)

20170830_143818s.shortstuff.png - Shortstuff (RA)

20170830_143855s.shush.png - Shush (VR)

20170830_143933s.slick.png - Slick (CM)

20170830_144014s.slushy.png - Slushy (CM)

20170830_144135s.splodyhead.png - Splodyhead (CM)

20170830_144220s.spooky.png - Spooky (RA)

20170830_144429s.what_is_the_stitch.png - What's The Stitch (HR)

20170830_144348s.yang.png - Yang (CM)

20170830_144310s.yin.png - Yin (CM)


Week 4 (9/24/17)

20170925_233247s.teammates.png - Teammates

Danmachi (19 toons)


20170901_111132s.aiz.png - Aiz Wallenstein (CM)

20170901_112948s.arnya.png - Arnya (UN)

20170901_113043s.bell.png - Bell Cranell (CM)

20170901_113139s.bete.png - Bete (RA) - Chloe (UN)

20170901_113744s.demeter.png - Demeter (CR)

20170901_113834s.eina.png - Eina (RA)

20170901_111239s.freya.png - Freya (CR)

20170901_114022s.ganesha.png - Ganesha (VR)

20170901_113927s.hestia.png - Hestia (CM)

20170901_114111s.hestia_familia.png - Hestia Familia (CR)

20170901_115544s.lili.png - Lili (CM)

20170901_115924s.loki.png - Loki (VR)

20170901_120021s.Lunoire.png - Lunoire (UN)

20170901_112657s.mikoto.png - Mikoto (VR)

20170901_115715s.riviera.png - Riviera (RA)

20170901_115829s.ryuu.png - Ryuu (UN)

20170901_120115s.syr.png - Syr (CM)

20170901_111947s.welf.png - Welf (RA)

F-Zero GX (27 toons)


20170831_115335s.GX_Antonio_Guster.png - Antonio Guster (UN)

20170831_130504s.GX_Baba.png - Baba Orninion (VR)

20170831_133634s.GX_Beastman.png - Beastman (RA)

20170831_133732s.GX_Billy.png - Billy (UN)

20170831_135929s.bio_Rex.png - Bio Rex (UN)

20170831_140040s.GX_Black_Shadow.png - Black Shadow (HR)

20170831_140137s.GX_Blood_Falcon.png - Blood Falcon (CM)

20170831_114743s.captain_falcon.png - Captain Falcon (CM)

20170831_140242s.GX_Dr_Clash.png - Dr. Clash (UN)

20170831_114929s.dr_stewart.png - Dr. Stewart (CM)

20170831_140450s.gomar_and_shioh.png - Gomar & Shioh (VR)

20170831_141052s.GX_Jack_Levin.png - Jack Levin (CM)

20170831_141412s.GX_James_McCloud.png - James McCloud (CM)

20170831_142504s.Jody_Summer.png - Jody Summer (CM)

20170831_170053s.5vjEnV4.png - Kate Alen (VR)

20170831_142745s.GX_Leon.png - Leon (VR)

20170831_142839s.GX_Michael_Chain.png - Michael Chain (RA)

20170831_143040s.mighty_gazzelle.png - Mighty Gazelle (UN)

20170831_140347s.GX_Mr_EAD.png - Mr. EAD (RA)

20170831_115453s.GX_Mrs_Arrow.png - Mrs. Arrow (RA)

20170831_143152s.Octoman.png - Octoman (UN)

20170831_115038s.Pico.png - Pico (CM)

20170831_115201s.GX_Samurai_Goroh.png - Samurai Goroh (CM)

20170831_143307s.GX_Silver_Neelsen.png - Silver Neelsen (CR)

20170831_143513s.GX_Super_Arrow.png - Super Arrow (RA)

20170831_143403s.the_skull.png - The Skull (CR)

20170831_143606s.zoda.png - Zoda (CR)


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Toy Story alone means it'll be an awesome month!

Also looking forward to Is It Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? And more experiments are certainly welcome.

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1 hour ago, Sister Love said:

Toy Story alone means it'll be an awesome month!

This so can not wait for Toy Story makes the whole month great

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We are aware of the issue with the Hearthstone Packs, for the time being do not open them yet.

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New Toy Story HR  Shop 4

Evil Dr. Porkchop



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I can´t find any Hearthstone packs at all in the shop. Is it too late to buy them or what? 

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2 minutes ago, KagomeSango398 said:

I can´t find any Hearthstone packs at all in the shop. Is it too late to buy them or what? 

Yeah they sold out for the day, but they'll start stocking again tomorrow like sold out commons do. It'll be around for the next year so I wouldn't worry about trying to get them fast.



Speaking of the card packs, the Yugioh ones will be expiring on the 17th. So make sure you all have what you want for them!

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Okay, thank you!

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Okay so I got some audio to work on toons again. 

The following toons now have music to them

@Ike reach for the sky plays the steinsgate theme

@FredTheFish play the maniacal laughers plaque

The others that now have music are:

Team Rocket now says the team rocket motto

Studiers plays opening 2 of my hero academia @mkw19

Believe It plays opening 10 of naruto

researchers plays opening 6 of naruto

Sister Bond @Sister Love @Moana of Motunui it plays do you wanna build a snowman

@theflash999d powerful Raven plays the teen titans theme now

@thelastsith pm me your list again xD clips have to be under 2 min

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New Lilo & Stitch HR Shop 5

What's The Stitch





woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo i beat mongoose

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First post is finally updated with set lists for the month.

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