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Putting aside bias and favs, I was just thinking what could possibly be considered the best anime show of all time at the moment. This includes all series in its show. I didnt put a whole lot of research in cuz it was off the top of my head and I want to hear opinions but right now I think it has to be Gundams. It has been around forever, it has live through multiple series, has never had a real bad series in it, and has multiple series in a lot of top 20 lists. To me there are a lot of amazing shows, and I mean a lot so just cuz a show is in top 10 or even 5 cant be the only criteria. The options I took, like i said off the top of my head, Naruto, which has a gross fan base and has been around a long time, pokemon which has never faultered, tenchi muyo, another old school that has a lot of series(never seen it tho cuz it doesnt fit me), and One peice which is somehow still going and only on one series. There were shows that are loved here but idk if they can fit all the criteria and be remade. Some of the back ups were cowboy bebop which was great and still has a lot of fans, Ruroni Kenshin, and YU YU hakasho. But because of how long the other shows lasted without faultering I do t think it could beat the other, except tenchi which like I said didnt win but has a butt load of eps. Two obvious shows that I know people are thinking about. DB which despite being amazing has a hitch to many (GT), even tho I didnt mind it. The other is Yu Gi oh, which we know has a lot of series that just dropped off.  

Lol, long but worth the read. So please share and let me see if you have any opinions. Remember, no bias's ot favs unless you truly think it can be the best.


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