Bojack Horseman

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Second season comes out soon and I'd like a set :P

Bojack Horseman on the left, Diane Nguyen on right


From left to right: Vanessa Gekko, Princess Carolyn, Laura, Mr. Witherspoon


Todd Chavez in the red hoodieBoJack-Horseman-6.jpg

Mr. Peanutbutter is the dog


Diane and Peanutbutter, wedding-style


Pinky Penguin on the right .... usually behind a desk


Neal McBeal the Navy Seal


Herb Kazzaz on the right






Father Figure Bojack


...and this one is absolutely essential. Vincent Adultman :D


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Image result for bojack horseman png

I've been watching this on netflix and think that this would make a great set, too! I'm still organizing and resizing the lower part of this post--
I found more character sheets than I was expecting to find; if you click on any of the images they'll get bigger and then you can click through them like a slideshow:

Current characters
BoJack Horseman + Todd Chavez + Princess Carolyn + Diane Nguyen + Mr. Peanutbutter + Beatrice Horseman + Hollyhock Manheim-Mannheim-Guerrero-Robinson-Zilberschlag-Hsung-Fonzerelli-McQuack (2):
Image result for bojack horsemanFile:Todd Chavez.pngImage result for princess carolynImage result for bojack horsemanFile:Mr. Penautbutter.pngImage result for old beatrice horsemanCurrentv8sBmxu.png

Various/previous years
BoJack Horseman (90s) + Princess Carolyn (90s) + Mr. Peanutbutter (90s) + Herb Kazzaz (90s) + Todd Chavez (2007):
c5Fn02Q.pngImage result for todd chavez pngImage result for todd chavez png90's2007

BoJack (child & teenager) + Beatrice Horseman (child & young adult & 70s & 80s-early 2000s) + Butterscotch Horseman (70s & 80s-early 2000s):
Image result for bojack horsemanTeenagerChildYoung Adult70s80s-Early 2000sEarly to Mid 1970sFile:Butterscotch Old.png

Character sheets
BoJack Horseman:

Todd Chavez:

Princess Carolyn:
i4hdeab.pngImage result for princess carolyn pngIOGt0qs.pnggZ1b9oK.pngImage result for princess carolyn pngUJp3Hec.pngImage result for princess carolyn pngAdn6W6t.pngyuhwTJh.jpg

Mr. Peanutbutter + Sarah Lynn:
File:Mr Peanutbutter model sheet.jpeg800?cb=20170730230303XL6RX8U.jpg

Diane Nguyen:

Beatrice Horseman + Butterscotch Horseman:
ipEIjjs.jpgRelated imageScoMAQE.jpgB7ikRn2.jpg

Vincent Adultman + Kevin Adultman + Becca + Wanda Pierce + Andrew Garfield + Pinky Penguin:
242?cb=20150719055028latest?cb=20150719060138Related imageImage result for bojack horseman beccaImage result for bojack character sheetsMdKoyIE.pngImage result for bojack horseman

Officer Meow Meow Fuzzyface + Paparazzi Blue Jay + Paparazzi Robin:

Charlotte Carson (80s & living in Maine & current) + Penny Carson (17 & prom & college):
80sLiving in MaineCurrentAge 17FRA4k30.jpgCollege

Kelsey Jannings + Charley Witherspoon + Mr. Witherspoon + Sebastian St. Clair:

Stickers (they have white boarders)
Todd Chavez (3) + BoJack Horseman (6) + Mr. Peanutbutter:
8.png2.png3.pngImage result for bojack horseman7.png

still working on organizing these:


Still looking for:
Esteemed character actress Margo Martindale + Ana Spanakopita + Judah Mannowdog + Rutabaga + Sarah Lynn (child) + Tom Jumbo-Grumbo + Emily +

Water Buffalo Bikers:

Wallace Shawn + Naomi Watts + Ryan Seacrest Type:

Mila Kunis + Beyonce + Jake & Maggot Gyllenhaal + Henry Winkler:

Hollyhock's fathers + Zoe & Zelda + Elephante Waiters + Wild Horses:

Joseph Sugarman + Honey Sugarman (lobotomized) +


still working on organizing these:




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Found more images and re-arranged them into my previous post-- it's also more condensed and not nearly as over-whelming to look at now :P I have more character sheets to go through and am still looking for a few specific images, but I think there are more than enough images here to make a BoJack set as is! 

Image result for bojack horseman grin gif

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You know, some people don't post images of the sets they suggest or not enough images to make a set (I don't know how they expect the set to be made). But not you. You grabbed enough for a set, and expansions. Nice work O_Ob

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17 hours ago, Paul said:

You know, some people don't post images of the sets they suggest or not enough images to make a set (I don't know how they expect the set to be made). But not you. You grabbed for a set, and expansions. Nice work O_Ob

Thanks! Yeah, I definitely try n maximize the chances of sets being made by being as thorough as I possibly can with my suggestions :lol: 

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