How to be a successful CT player!

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Collecting Toons-


When you are just starting out find a few sets of toons you are looking to collect and stick with them. I would recommend creating a wish list to keep track of what you want and so that others can help you if they can :).


Try to have a few things at once so that you don't get stuck on things that are harder to find (Toons that are years old, HR's, Auction Onlys, etc). As you cross things off your list, start adding new ones to keep up the flow :)


The thread can be made here-


New players should avoid trying to buy random things only to resell them for a "quick profit", this tactic very rarely actually works (since majority of the time new players themselves aren't great with values of toons) and usually leaves the player losing points.


Use your points wisely and invest in things you plan on keeping for the future.


Once you start collecting things you want and have a reasonable amount of points saved up (after at least a couple months of playing) don't be scared to invest some into toons to sell in the future. I always look through the shops and pick out popular shows that players will want in the future (Super Hero shows, DBZ, etc.). Toons are usually active for 6 months in the shops, so this is a long term investment. For example I still have spares of toons from 2010.


Hard to obtain Toons-

If you ever get stuck on a Toon you really want I would recommend messaging the entire owners list. You can post here for owners lists-


Or you can check the database for it here-


Or you can send me a PM and ill obtain the owners list for you.


Often times this would yield a seller for a specific Toon. Hard to find Toons usually don't go cheap, so search around for awhile and go with the best seller. :) Keep in mind they may want other Toons instead of points so you may have to then obtain what they want in order to complete a trade.


I can't stress enough how much PMing an entire owners list works. Yes it is tedious and you are copying and pasting the same thing over and over again, but it works. Most of my hard to find toon's many of you are currently looking for, I was about to get through this method. Any good CT player I know uses this method time in and time out and it works. You may have to wait for responses, or a seller, or a seller who doesn't want an arm and a leg but it works.


Set Goals-

This may seem obvious to everyone but it really helps. Set a range of goals from small to large.


A quick example, when I first started out back in 2010 a DBZ set was released only a few months into me joining. And it had a HR (Zarbon), I knew I wanted him and I knew I wanted a bunch. I set out a goal of 5 copies, I would play the arcade daily save my points and I bought a bunch of Zarbon's. I actually ended up with TWELVE! I was a new member with less then 6 months in-game and I was able to get 12 DBZ HR's, that is one high goal. It wasn't the intended goal but I was happy to say the least. But being new I cashed in 11 of them (keeping one for myself) and made a decent profit. I was new and needed the points lol


This is just one example of setting goals. I could list 100's of goals on here, some of which still aren't even finished. But it really does help to track your progress/goals.


As far as progress goals, it probably sounds really weird but I keep track of my collections growth every month. I started 4 months into playing but ever since then I have kept track.


This was my collection size in pages when you view someone's collection through the cworld.

6/12/10- 234 pages

1/7/11- 453 pages

1/16/12- 829 pages




I also started keeping track of how many HR's I had once I had a decent amount and so on. It seems odd even to myself looking back, but I still continue to do it.


On a more "not crazy" level lol, I keep track of current sets I am collecting. For example I am collecting 3 copies of each Mario Kart Toon. I copy and paste the entire set list into a word document and I keep track of how many of each Toon I have. Once I reach 3 I make it bold so I know I don't need anymore. Quick and easy way to keep everything organized.


This is just my own personal way, I am sure there are other of CT players that keep track of things their own way too.



The best way to get points is to come on daily and play the arcade.


This is the list of max points per game you can make. Non premium member players can play these 5 times each (instead of 10 premium get. New members have 2 months of free premium though) with the recent update to the points earned (huge increase) players can now easily make 150k per day in about a hour of play. Meaning players can make 4.5 million points per month. Giving players no excuse whatsoever about not being able to afford things.


For Bowser Ball- Max Points--5k

For Duck Hunt--Max Points--10k

For GunRun--Max Points--5k

For Hole Smash--Max points--4k

For Snowman Attack-Max points--3k

For Spider Jump-Max points--3k

For Helicopter--Max points--3k

For Mario Catcher--Max points 5k

For Space Invaders--Max points--5k

For the Chicken Game--Max points 10k

For the Collecting of Pills--Max points 5k

For Freecell Solitaire---Max 3k

For Lightning--Max points 5k

For Pyramid Solitaire--Max 3k

For Solitaire--Max points 3k

For Agressive Alpine Skiing--Max 5k

Finger Footy--Max points 5k

Karate Challenge--Max points 3k

Kickball--Max points 2.5k

Mini Putt III--Max points 3k

Pool Jam--Max points 3k

Ultimate Football---Max points 3k

Let it Flow--Max points 3k

Mahjong--Max points 5k

Snake--Max points 3k

Tetrix---Max points 10k

Towering Legends---Max points 5k

Ultimate defense 2---Max points 10k




On top of that every week there are new CO's (code onlys), and HR's (Holy Rares). HR's are replenished on Saturday's and are found in the shops. You need to look at the monthly thread to find out more information on what the holy rares are currently and what shops they are in (or you can go to this thread,

List to active codes-


Some HR's can only be worth 20k points, while other really popular ones have been known to go for 500k+ points. There is also a minimum of 4 active HR's at a time.


On top of that you get a log in bonus of 10k a day. The daily log in ALONE is 300k a month. DAM! I wish I had that much when I started. Just until recently you would get 500 points for logging in. Then we bumped it up to 3k a little while ago, and now 10k!


If you are currently a premium member you also get an extra 10k a day from the auto-surfer "gimmie" button in the premium options as well as the bank interest (which isn't much until you have a lot of points).


So the daily log in and the "gimmie" button already gives you 600k a month if you come on daily :)

Non premium members can earn the "gimmie" 10k each day as well by surfing through Cworlds.


Also a great way to earn points is through active toons. Not all active toons are going to sell for a profit by any means, but some will. Popular sets such as DBZ and Pokemon will always sell, but they are rarely in shop. So beyond that you have to do a bit of searching to see who is buying what (wishlists are a great place to look) and sell them active shop toons for just a bit over price. It might not seem worth it but it all adds up. If the person is buying Commons for 200 points over shop, 10 commons = 2k points which is easy to buy. So with just a bit of looking you can make a lot of extra points through active toons. Many players will also pay more then 200 points over, it was just an example to show profit.


Obtaining Useful Information-

1. I always found a few key ways for obtaining information here on CT. One of the first things I did when I started out was I hounded the active mods with questions. Yes me and Raven had a message going for 25+ pages at one point with questions. If he was busy or not on I went to the next helpful person I knew and etc.


2. The forum itself is filled to the brim with information. Yes there is a lot going on at once. But once you get the hang of what is where it becomes a treasure chest of help. I would sometimes even post questions on the forums, in the correct spots of course ;)


3. When I first joined CT we didn't have a chat room, but now that we have one it is probably the best source for useful information. What is better then live information? Probably nothing. I know I personally join the chat room as much as possible and will gladly help anyone with any question they have. Just don't hit me with any high school science questions since it has been awhile :P But seriously this is the most vital thing we have for quick answers, so please take advantage of it. Also you will meet fellow players and probably make a few friends ;)


just write your username after the question mark and you are good to go



So when it comes down to it a lot of it has to do with how dedicated you are to earning points.


This topic is locked. But if you have information that you feel should be added please PM me the information.

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Updated to correlate with the recent arcade updates.

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