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  1. Thanks Shark. FOUR firsts for me when it's backwards LOL.
  2. Definitely a lot of fun. Let's get a crowd next time!
  3. I missed Christmas Elizabeth on the Anime Christmas Advent thing. Any help would be appreciated! 

  4. FredTheFish


    Dude, sucks to see you go. Wishing you all the best in real life! Don't need anything, but always happy to take any unrequested 90s CN/Nick stuff or Boo (the ghost) toons. Happy trails man.
  5. Still need MvCI Nemesis badly. SOS

  6. Finally got it!! Victory screeeeeech
  7. Welcome! CCW has a lot of toons you'd probably like. We'll be giving away a lot of them in chat over the next few weeks.
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