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  1. I've also been holding off my thoughts, hoping that something might change. But, it doesn't appear we're heading in that direction. I've been here since 2009, and it's painful to think all of those countless hours in the arcade and HR hunting will eventually go up in disappearing code smoke. I'll never forget how much the early @Jazzy chat parties energized me with this game, and I was happy to get a decent run with CCW chat parties. Ultimately, I joined this site because I love my nostalgia, and some of my favorite memories will always be watching Cartoon Cartoon Fridays with my neighborhood friends, and entering the codes on Orbit. Those memories will never die, but having this place cease to exist does kill yet another slight hold that I (and I'm sure a few others) continuously try to keep on our youth. But, we know the hands of time are relentless, and growing up is inevitable. There's too many names to list. I've enjoyed talking to so many of you. @Xavianangel deserves the ultimate gratitude from everyone, as this place would be long gone without her efforts. I've always enjoyed our chats, and don't be a stranger. Nothing but love for my friends @thelastsith, @Buzzcut, @dewdrop, and so many others. Sith - we need a Rocket Power watch party before it goes. Hope you guys join the Discord and we keep in touch (even if I haven't been paying much attention so far). I want someone to save the place, but even I'll admit that I had stopped paying attention more and more over the years. I was starting to miss more CCF codes (I had only missed a handful in probably 8 years before this year, and those were by a few hours usually). I even remember driving home from Disney on a Friday night, and logging in on my phone so I could grab the 2nd CCF code before it expired. There are still a few old EEE Orbit codes that are available, that I'd love to see before this place disappears.
  2. Anyone have the 2nd Halloween advent available?

  3. What toon expired on CTF? I don't see the normal thread.

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    2. FredTheFish
    3. Paul


      It's on the trade board for you. Offer what you think is fair. 

    4. FredTheFish
  4. Yeah I think @RollingStoned said it all. The biggest problem is that any potential advertising deals with the problem that there are a number of potential copyright pitfalls, and this place needs to be surviving from "donations" geared towards helping the site, and not "paying" for owned images. It's a fine line, and a fair reason to be wary of this place going too viral. I also think @Ssoldier made a fantastic point earlier, in that this place probably shouldn't have to depend solely on the community, and needs a head that is willing to foot the bills. That's 100% not a shot, because I wouldn't want to foot that bill either, but it's just a fact.
  5. Anyone around tonight? Might try to get an impromptu CCW together if we get some people.

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    2. FredTheFish



    3. Xavianangel


      smh of course it's down lol. i tried to log on

    4. RubixCube


      hoooray its working now .

  6. Some of my favorite childhood memories are watching Cartoon Cartoon Fridays with my neighborhood friends and inputing the Orbit codes. I definitely loved the Bugs v Daffy Big Game toons, which is why I try to collect a bunch of those here. I was just young enough at the time to not really remember much of what I had, but I remember loving it for quite a while.
  7. Can anyone spare a Swimming Stars? Missed it in shops and can't seem to find one...

    1. SagNoras


      I just posted one on the trade board a few minutes ago. Send an offer on it if you'd like. ^_^

    2. FredTheFish
  8. I'd like to do a CCW night this week and give away a bunch of toons from the account. If anyone is around tomorrow or Thursday night, that would work for me.

    1. Xavianangel


      Pick a date and i'll send a mass pm about it!!

      So people post your preferences!!

  9. Seriously though, that's amazing! Thank you!!
  10. Thanks Shark. FOUR firsts for me when it's backwards LOL.
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