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  1. Hurt Bill Hurt Altair
  2. Hurt Bill Hurt Altair
  3. Hurt Hendrickson Hurt Taskmaster
  4. Hurt Hendrickson Hurt Taskmaster
  5. Present on 6/21 - Jazzy, Ken, TF, Shark, Cool, Deep, Jwool, Terrie, Blue, Cuts, Dew, Dragonwolf, Indie, Jumptheshark, Ludio, MKW, Raven, Sith, Kitty, Punz, Tbone702, Dielon37, JamesKing1988, DingDrakeHa, CRSShow.
  6. Hurt Hendrickson Hurt Taskmaster
  7. Those poor people. I'll do my best. Maybe if you dress like one of his guards you'll be able to sneak by. I'll help you by taking out two of the guards, and then we can head in pretending to be them. Once we're inside, I'll distract the Laughing Man with a problem, and you can sneak out the hostages.
  8. Hurt Hendrickson Hurt Taskmaster
  9. Hurt Hendrickson Hurt Taskmaster
  10. You know I love you Sith, but ugly is ugly. xD Hurt Hendrickson Hurt Altair
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