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  1. Anyone on next week will also get the April plaque. If Xavi saw you yesterday, you're good. Just double check with her.
  2. The following were in attendance for CCW: Shark, Ken, Terrie, Blue, Dragonwolf, MKW, Tameran, Josh, Mongoose, Rupunzel, ScreechingWeasel, Jazzy, JWool, Sith...did I miss anyone? This week we watched Ed Edd n Eddy, PPG, Courage and Johnny Bravo, and gave away tons of toons through trivia. Make sure to stop in next week!
  3. 10 pm EST/9 PM CST
  4. Sorry guys - have to move the first Cartoon Cartoon Wednesdays to Thursday. Come to chat Thursday night if you can for a great time! 

  5. We're going to have to push the debut of this back. I won't be around tomorrow night. Can anyone do Thursday night at the same time? Or should we go with next Weds night?
  6. !!!! Glad I noticed before it expired.
  7. I finally remembered to bid on an AO.
  8. TitanicForce So generous - thanks!
  9. No retro cartoon poll or whatever it used to be?
  10. Set 36 box 2
  11. I wouldn't mind random extra days, but we'll have to set it up ahead of time (while I check my schedule). Weekends are usually pretty busy, but I'm sure we can set aside some time.
  12. Box 1, Set 37 please!
  13. Now that's dedication! It should be a blast.
  14. We were going to make it a little earlier, but realized we have to let the West Coast get out of work. xD Hopefully you can join us sometimes!
  15. I can't wait to host this for you guys! In case you thought we might be holding back, check out the ridiculously awesome toons we're going to be giving away: Participants:
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