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  1. (All images have been resized, so just click on one if you want to see it's larger version) New Leaf sapling --> tree, cedar sapling --> tree, palm sapling --> tree: town tree, flower arch, presents: I found a .zip file containing 50+ .dae files of flowers, but currently don't have any software on my computer to do anything useful with them (and am unsure if it's even possible to do something with them? have never worked with anything 3d before): here. I copy/pasted the album cover (red carnation) and then also the overview group image below: also I found a couple of fruit images from new leaf (), but was able to find some clearer ones from the mobile game-- Pocket Camp fruit, each followed by their perfect form apple, cherry, pear, peach, orange, grapes, lemon, lychee, coconut, bag of bells: tons more images from the mobile game can be found here, but I mostly just want the fruit and the flowers :-)
  2. Another Zuko toon that I can take off my wishlist!
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    HBD!!! Hard to believe that you're turning 109 today-- you look faar from it! :D 

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      Lol! Happy birthday ! :D 

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