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  1. Nick773

    Scary Movies

    Drag Me To Hell was surprisingly a great horror movie. If you enjoyed the Evil Dead movies by Sam Rami, then you will definetly enjoy this film. It's not the scariest movie ever, but it is very entertaining. If you like Justin Long (the guy from Jeepers Creepers) then you will like it, because he is in it.
  2. Nick773

    Whos Your Buddy On This Website?

    I'm still pretty new, but Jazzy has been my best friend so far. She has greeted me and has given me advice.
  3. Nick773

    Professor Oak's Lab

    This is so cool!Can I have Charmander please?Thanks for referring me here Jazzy!
  4. Nick773

    Just Wanted To Say Hi

    thanks for the quick reply and kind comments guys!
  5. Nick773

    Just Wanted To Say Hi

    Hey everyone! I'm really happy to have found this site. I was thinking about how awesome it would be if cartoon orbit was still around, then I came across this site and realized it is even better! Anyway my name is Nick773 and I hope to talk to you guys in the future! btw quick question, on orbit i think you could just buy any common ctoon if you wanted, but it looks like here you have to make sure the shop stocks it. is that true? thanks guys!
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