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  1. Avatar: Aang and Appa - 10k Attacking Zuko - 10k Crazy Azula - 7k Fire-bending Azula - 10k Gran Gran - 7k TOTAL: 44k
  2. Anyone have the images for the Olive Oil set? Want to see what the 3 I'm missing are!
  3. Toradora - Back Strike- 60k Looney Tunes - Dodo- 30k Eggbert- 30k Bugs' Hat Trick- 30k TOTAL: 150k
  4. Just do Cool Cat and Beaky Buzzard for 35k for now. Can't afford the others atm.
  5. Sorry, didn't catch the notification. Scratch out the 2008 Sticker and I accept everything else. New want list: Looney Tunes- Beaky Buzzard - 5k Bugs' Hat Trick - 10k Cool Cat - 10k Dodo - 10k Eggbert - 10k TOTAL: 45k
  6. Collectoons- Christmas 2008 Sticker - 10k Clash Cards- Eren Yeager cCard - 2k Ponyo cCard - 2k Looney Tunes- Foam Finger - 2.5k Rabbit-Hole Bugs - 5k TOTAL: 21.5k
  7. Collectoons- Christmas 2008 Sticker - 10k Clash Cards- Eren Yeager cCard - 2k Ponyo cCard - 2k Looney Tunes- Foam Finger - 2.5k Rabbit-Hole Bugs - 5k TOTAL: 21.5k
  8. It was before you open this forum back up. Not your fault. Not the others fault too. First time was my fault and second I was unfortunate because the forum was shut down. Sorry, not trying to cause you a ruckus xD
  9. Nah, it's cool. This is the third time I've entered these toons on this forum and I was beginning to feel I'm not supposed to happen xD Not really, just wanted to make sure I wasn't missed is all. Thanks!
  10. Did I do something wrong to be ignored?
  11. Duck Dodgers- Duck Dodgers - 4k Duck Dodgers Logo - 4k Martian Commander X-2 - 4k Martian Guard - 4k Looney Tunes- Looney Gold - 5k TOTAL: 21k
  12. Another Laughing Gogeta at the end of the month? Second Edition set?
  13. Points is hard to get without relying on wealthier players. Unless if I want to spend a lot of money donating, points don't come by easily. There is an inconsistency in the arcade section where you have games that can take 1 minute to an hour that can only give you 1k no matter the length of the game. Either raise all games exponentially or raise the prize of the lengthier games. And I'm not saying just 2k. I feel like a game is better when points are earned. Personally, I don't think raising the points given on donation is good. I donate cuz of premium, and that is a good donation lure, but don't lure with points. It's lazy. I understand most people are busy, I'm incredibly busy too! But games aren't built for un-investeded players. I think Premium is perfect as is. Make more arcade games maybe, and definitely raise the prize money cuz 1k is so cheap!! Barely anyone plays, and if they do its because they want to get on the top 10 for the bonus points at the end of the month! Some of the sets are a bit silly too (no offense). Cuz you gotta think of your audience. A huge part of it is nostalgic becuz of CartoonOrbit, and the other must be (mid-late) teens. This is a game of economics. I doubt many children are playing this. So when you consistently release sets that are for toddlers, it's unappealing to your majority. Notice the numbers too, barely 100 get bought for some of these sets. They should be code onlys if anything. Or limited sets. Idk, there is just too many and no one buys them. Have a monthly AO and OR so people are forced to come back and check their accounts. It might strike a pattern in a players day to be more consistent with their time on CT. No one wants to miss AOs or ORs. So if you have them randomly each month, people will be logging on occasionally to make sure they don't miss em. And maybe don't announce it either, so it makes them even more focused. May be looking into this one a bit much, but I feel like it can be tactical. Last food for thought then I'll have to stop myself... gToons. I know you guys don't want to open that door, but it won't take away what you already have on this site. It will only enhance it and gToons was a huge contributor to CartoonOrbit. I found out about this site because I typed in on google, "closest game to gtoons". It would bring in so many people. I already know it would make my brother active again for sure! Anyway, I hope this helps EDIT: I didn't have time to read what other people said, so sorry if I repeated someone else's thought.
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