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  1. Shawn

    Platinum Ticket Auctions

    Thanks! This is actually a really cool idea. Kudos to you guys!
  2. Shawn

    Platinum Ticket Auctions

    I'm silly late to this party.. is this the last ticket? Who won the others and how much?
  3. Paul

    Happy Birthday Shawn my dude! Have a good one.  :bday2:

  4. Shawn

    Fantasy Football

    Same. I've never been in a league where people can just trade without an approval process and vetos.
  5. Shawn

    Fantasy Football

    I agree with Sora and what trade went through today? Why weren't we notified about it? What's the approval process?
  6. Shawn

    Fantasy Football

    @FredTheFish just sent the PM
  7. Shawn

    Fantasy Football

    I just logged into my account and I don't have an invite to accept. @FredTheFish @itsthebodimafia
  8. Shawn

    Miss you bro! 

  9. Shawn

    Fantasy Football

    You already know I'm down, I need to redeem myself for that loss in the Semis. I mean I had the best team lol
  10. Happy Birthday Xavi!!!!!

  11. Shawn

    Cars Anyone..? ;)

    This is my 2013 Audi A4, I have both visual and performance mods on it. I'm currently on a Stage 2 APR tune, with APR carbonio intake, an APR cast downpipe, and CTS blow off valve. Car is completely matte black with light blue brakes, 5% tint, blacked out taillights, deleted all the chrome off the grill and around the window to matte black, Pirelli P-Zero tires with raised tire lettering, 19" satin black rims, and completely custom headlights. Painted the entire inside of my headlights black, added halos and I can change the color off of my phone. That's my FB if you want to add me we can talk more about cars.
  12. Paul

    Happy birthday my man! :bday2:

    1. Shawn


      Thank you bro!!


  13. Happy Birthday Shawn :)

    1. Shawn


      Thank you!! 

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