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  1. Paul

    Happy Birthday Shawn my dude! Have a good one.  :bday2:

  2. Shawn

    Fantasy Football

    Same. I've never been in a league where people can just trade without an approval process and vetos.
  3. Shawn

    Fantasy Football

    I agree with Sora and what trade went through today? Why weren't we notified about it? What's the approval process?
  4. Shawn

    Fantasy Football

    @FredTheFish just sent the PM
  5. Shawn

    Fantasy Football

    I just logged into my account and I don't have an invite to accept. @FredTheFish @itsthebodimafia
  6. Shawn

    Miss you bro! 

  7. Shawn

    Fantasy Football

    You already know I'm down, I need to redeem myself for that loss in the Semis. I mean I had the best team lol
  8. Happy Birthday Xavi!!!!!

  9. Shawn

    Cars Anyone..? ;)

    This is my 2013 Audi A4, I have both visual and performance mods on it. I'm currently on a Stage 2 APR tune, with APR carbonio intake, an APR cast downpipe, and CTS blow off valve. Car is completely matte black with light blue brakes, 5% tint, blacked out taillights, deleted all the chrome off the grill and around the window to matte black, Pirelli P-Zero tires with raised tire lettering, 19" satin black rims, and completely custom headlights. Painted the entire inside of my headlights black, added halos and I can change the color off of my phone. That's my FB if you want to add me we can talk more about cars.
  10. Paul

    Happy birthday my man! :bday2:

    1. Shawn


      Thank you bro!!


  11. Happy Birthday Shawn :)

    1. Shawn


      Thank you!! 

  12. Shawn

    Ct Santa's Grab Bag

    Oh jeez, I didn't win anything. I thought everyone would win something in the raffle, didn't know you could win multiple items. Oh well. At least the challenges were fun.
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