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  1. February 2018 Releases

    New Fire Emblem HR shop 1 Dragon Fang Corrin
  2. February 2018 Releases

    Rock-A-Doodle (Set 23) Shop 2 Kim Possible (Set 33) Shop 5
  3. Ctoon Mistakes Names, Sets, Sizes, etc.

    Donkey Kong Country set both have same name Kaptain K. Rool and this Kaptain K. Rool needs to be move to Subcategory: Diddy Kong's Quest
  4. Bowing Red should be changed to Bowing Miss Vavoom, or Bowing Vavoom and should be in the set Tom and Jerry Kids not Droopy McDonald Mobile should be in The Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald set not Commercial Characters Blue and Pink Psycho Ranger seem real small compared to the others Number 4 gToon Should be Numbuh 4 gToon
  5. Treasure Hunt - Disney Saturday

    Hangsman Tree 3
  6. February 2018 Releases

    A Troll in Central Park (Set 12) Shop 4 Phineas & Ferb (Set 21) Shop 6
  7. Plaques

    Heres some Plaques ideas, I put some names ideas I can think of but you guys can pitch you ideas for names Judgers, Juddgers, Referees Ammo Knights, Gun Warriors, Ammo Warriors Stylish, Fashionista, Stylers, Jelly Fresh, Fresh Threads Cooler Heads, Hair wizards, Shrimp Kicks, Shoes Lovers, Sole Lovers
  8. January 2018 Releases

    week 5 Magi: The Adventures of Sinbad (Set 10) Shop 5 Fusionfall (Set 25) Shop 6
  9. Ctoon Mistakes Names, Sets, Sizes, etc.

    @Sharktibolt Badr form Magi: The Adventures of Sinbad image is broke
  10. January 2018 Releases

    Week 4 Dexter's Laboratory (Set 16) Subcategory: Ego Trip Sonic Battle (Set 32)
  11. January 2018 Releases

    New Dexter's Laboratory HR Shop 6 Team Dexter
  12. January 2018 Releases

    week 3 Teen Titans (Set 23) Shop 1 The Brave Little Toaster (Set 19) shop 4
  13. Ctoon Mistakes Names, Sets, Sizes, etc.

    The New Plasmus toon from teen titans is the same name as the old one the old one should be Plasmus form 2 or Plasmus second form Ok some of the new teen titans toons are in the wrong subcategory. Thunder and Lightning needs to be move to Teen Titans Originals and Nya-Nya needs to be move to Teen Titans Nemesis The Dexter's Laboratory toon God of Rock should be in Subcategory Justice Friends The Category Planes (Pixar) should be Planes (Disney) Pixar did not make planes
  14. January 2018 Releases

    New Teen Titans HR Shop 1 Slade New Plaques shop 6 Yawners
  15. January 2018 Releases

    New My Knight and Me HR Shop 2 My Heroic Knights Week 2 (1/7/18) My Knight and Me (Set 20) shop 2 Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time (Set 15) shop 6
  16. December 2017 Releases

    New Dragon Ball HR Shop 6 Reunited
  17. December 2017 Releases

    Super Mario Bros. Shop 4 Super Mario Holidays (Set 12) 1 Week only set
  18. December 2017 Releases

    Over the Garden Wall Shop 5 Adventure Time with Finn & Jake Shop 2 You can all so find what shops the new toons are in form the home page. Just click on the toon you want and you will go to the shop the set is in. Dont see a toon from the new sets just keep refreshing the page
  19. December 2017 Releases

    Adventure Time with Finn & Jake HR Shop 2 Ice Queen
  20. December 2017 Releases

    South Park HR Shop 2 ManBearPig
  21. December 2017 Releases

    New Yu-Gi-Oh! HR Shop 1 Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon
  22. Pokemon Raffle

    mongoose mewtwo
  23. CT Holiday Grab Bag!!

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