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  1. Sharktibolt

    Site Plot Discussion Thread

    I'll be making a detailed post about what the steps for each part of this was, once the plot is over. But I can share what the actual CTF toons were: Shy Emilia (Re: Zero) Sleeping Jake (Adventure Time) For everyone though, make sure you're staying tooned for further shenanigans from our mystery mischief maker! Who knows when he'll strike again!
  2. Sharktibolt

    Site Plot Discussion Thread

    The time has passed to do this I'm afraid. People had a week from when the last CTF was sent out to figure this out. With the new CTF having been sent out, the one from last week is no longer active, and the Mystery Toon has been removed from accounts now. There is likely more to come though. We still have no idea on who is behind this.............
  3. Sharktibolt

    Cartoon Cartoon Weekdays

    I'm adding 45 of Schemers to CCW, @FredTheFish @woodstock24 Whenever either of you have the time, can you pass those out to the April people? If I find the time I can help too if neither of you get to it before I can. Sorry these weren't added sooner. x_x
  4. Sharktibolt

    Time Machine Raffles!

    The Time Machine has reset, time for another Time Machine Raffle! You have at least 24 hours to offer 1 point for a chance to win the toon. The TM toon CTC got this week is Also being given away on the trade board is this Time Machine only toon:
  5. Sharktibolt

    Post your Time Machine retrievals here!

    - Human Fiona - Classic Ace Is it bad that I'm happier with the Human Fiona since I didn't have that one, whereas Classic Ace I already both had, and PULLED before? XD
  6. Sharktibolt

    Site Plot Discussion Thread

    The Missing CTF message linked to the CTPD Press Conferences thread for a reason. Start there.
  7. Sharktibolt

    Time Machine Raffles!

    The Mewtwo winner has been picked! Congrats to PureMichigan!
  8. Sharktibolt

    Site Plot Discussion Thread

    So it's been about 24 hours now, it seems like maybe 50 people have managed to figure out where/what the missing CTF code is. Also news is coming in that the code is apparently still giving out both toons, even though it is now Saturday. So we're thinking if people figure out the missing CTF code between now and when the next CTF goes out, people will still get BOTH toons. In the meantime, we're going to work on making sure the next CTF is secure and good to go so we don't have this happen again next week. But we still don't really have any leads on who's done this...............
    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. thelastsith


      Oh sure, just keep destroying our childhoods, nbd.

    3. RubixCube


      you know them . they like to reinvent old ones to bring it to the new generation of kids but to be honest they dont have any attachment too it because there already hooked on so many animies so it doesnt have the same effect as it would on us who grew up with those old ones 

    4. XxGothsCanSmile2xX


      As much as I am not thrilled about another reboot of this series, I still can't resist posting this...


  9. Sharktibolt

    Site Plot Discussion Thread

    Says the person who solved it first.
  10. Sharktibolt

    Site Plot Discussion Thread

    So just to reiterate what was in the message I sent out, DO NOT SELL/TRADE THE MYSTERY TOON. As soon as we get a handle on the situation, we will be removing this toon from the game. But otherwise, anyone already figuring stuff out?
  11. Something's going to be starting VERY soon............


    Are you guys ready?

    1. BROKEN raven123

      BROKEN raven123

      Well let's see, it's a thursday so umm..... Anime Thursdays

  12. Sharktibolt

    April 2018 Donation Contest!

    So all prizes should now be passed out, and I've gotten all the donator picks for our Pokémon set. I hope you guys are as excited about it as I am. I've also drawn the winner of the Shiny Arceus. That winner was @RubixCube!
  13. Sharktibolt

    Site Plot Discussion Thread

    Discuss what might be going on below! Please do not give away any blatant spoilers about what people are supposed to do to solve these crimes.
  14. Sharktibolt

    CTPD Press Conferences

    CTPD Press Conference Wiggum: Uhh, hello everyone. Chief Wiggum here. The important thing here is we are definitely looking into this case. We are spending night and day, hour by hour, going over this case. And so far we don't really have anything to say. BUT DON'T WORRY FOLKS, I'm sure a break will come soon. We will get back to you when we have developments to share. After the officers walk back into their building, people close by could make out: Bonkers: Uhh, Chief? What exactly was that about? We haven't even started looking into the missing CTF toons! Wiggum: Missing CTF toons? Don't know what you are talking about. I was talking about the case of donuts that our best officer, Officer Clawhauser, won in that sweepstakes! And I'm NOT just saying that cause he's sharing the donuts. Seriously. But It's going to take all of us nonstop to finish the amount they sent! I'm not exactly sure why the Admins asked us to make a press conference about it, but hey, I'm not one to argue. Bonkers: Uhhhhh.......................I'll be right back. After Bonkers is back outside: Bonkers: It looks like it might be a while before this is solved. And by the time they finish all those donuts who knows how cold the trail will be! Hey, you, can you do me a HUGE favor? Try and find a clue for us, please? I'm not exactly sure where to tell you to look, perhaps that weird Question Mark toon has something in its toon description? Start looking there. In the meantime, I'm going to try my best to pry these guys away from the donuts, but................I can't promise anything, especially with the Chief.
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