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  1. Sharktibolt

    Site Plot Discussion Thread

    I suppose there is a need to clarify, but you guys are NOT supposed to actually buy the Mystery Toon in the CTC Shop.
  2. Sharktibolt

    Disney Saturdays!!

    They're all in the first post you know. Added 50 for a nice round number and to have extras.
  3. Sharktibolt

    CTPD Press Conferences

    CTPD Press Conference Bonkers storms out of the building Bonkers: OK, this guy's gone TOO FAR this time! I was JUST about to have the points at long last for that Ivysaur that's been in the CTContests shop, and this guy goes and pulls something like this! The others apparently all had stuff they wanted from the shop too, and now instead of trying to find who's responsible, they're checking Owner's Lists to see who else might sell them the stuff they wanted. Well I for one have had enough! With or without the help of the rest of them, you've been doing a real good job with all these incidents, so tell you what, I'm coming with you this time! Let's go see if there's any clues in the CTContests shop first.
  4. Sharktibolt

    Professor Oak's Lab

    Added one Fennekin and one Ultra Ball into your account.
  5. Personally I'm already good to do the work. But yeah I like seeing more people are on board with the idea first cause it IS a LOT of work. As for morphs, they're not an issue. I could move Pichu into 101 Dalmatians, Pikachu into Digimon, and Raichu into The Good Dinosaur and the morph line would still work as usual. And for keeping Arena Onlys with their original toons, we do have a couple examples already for where that's not the case. SS4 Goku and SS4 Vegeta.
  6. Sharktibolt

    Time Machine Raffles!

    The N Tropy winner has been selected. Congrats to Nickelbunny!
  7. Bumping for the sake of seeing new votes perhaps? The way I would like to see it done, Gens 1-7 would each have their own subcategories, then there would be categories for Megas and Alolan forms (when we get any of those), and then a Pokémon Action Poses category like Avatar has. Then we'd keep Originals, Promos, Evolution Items, and the Movie characters in their current categories.
  8. Sharktibolt

    Easier pokemon collection sorting..

    Yeah the thread was in Gab Central here. I still don't mind doing this, but only 13 people put their votes in, which isn't enough people for me to do anything about it since it's a GIANT change.
  9. Sharktibolt

    Cartoon Cartoon Weekdays

    Participants for 6/13:
  10. Sharktibolt

    Cartoon Cartoon Weekdays

    Well I can be on to do something if need be, but I'm busy resaving all my old photocomics since Photobucket has gone nice again and is allowing their images to be viewed off site again. I'll send the message out for the usual 9 PM CT. If neither of you are there I'll host it.
  11. Sharktibolt

    Time Machine Raffles!

    The Time Machine has reset, time for another Time Machine Raffle! You have at least 24 hours to offer 1 point for a chance to win the toon. The TM toon CTC got this week is Also being given away on the trade board is this Time Machine only toon:
  12. Sharktibolt

    Post your Time Machine retrievals here!

    - Mister Bobo - Grubber I didn't have either so I will take both.
  13. Sharktibolt

    Time Machine Raffles!

    The SpongeGar winner has been chosen. Congrats to Fearfreak!
  14. Golden Batmobile x7


    I think my Lotto is broken or has forgotten there are other Lotto Onlys to be given out, I've probably gotten 10 of these by now. XD

  15. Sharktibolt

    Site Plot Discussion Thread

    So unlike the CTF and Time Machine issues, this game disappearance isn't really connected to a weekly thing. I obviously can't say for sure how long this will last, hopefully a full week like the other 2 things, but just in case, people should probably work on figuring out this part of the plot sooner rather than later. If only so you don't forget it later.
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