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  1. Sharktibolt

    The Smackdown Quarter Has Ended!

    All rewards for the previous quarter have been offlined. Let me know if your offline disappeared before you could accept it and I can send it again.
  2. Use this thread to keep track of all the codes given out thus far! Oct. 19th - Brian's Halloween Statue THIRTEEN Oct. 20th - Clown Shark SCARY
  3. Sharktibolt

    Post your Time Machine retrievals here!

    It's like the TM went 'ok, fine, we'll stop giving you Spinelli' 'Have a Gus'
  4. Sharktibolt

    Cartoon Cartoon Weekdays

    @FredTheFish What time is this happening? I want to send a message out for you to help get people there, but I'm not sure what time you're thinking.
  5. Sharktibolt

    Time Machine Raffles!

    The Time Machine has reset, time for another Time Machine Raffle! You have at least 24 hours to offer 1 point for a chance to win the toon. The TM toon CTC got this week is Also being given away on the trade board is this Time Machine only toon:
  6. Sharktibolt

    Post your Time Machine retrievals here!

    - Shichiroji - Witchy Angelica That's actually my first one of the 2014 Rugrats Halloween set. XD
  7. Sharktibolt

    October 2018 Releases

    SUPER SPECIAL 10TH ANNIVERSARY LE SET LIST! ......don't mind me, it's late and I'm tired but not sleepy. Just to make sure all the information is stated clearly here for people to reference, there is a total of 34 anniversary LE toons that are stocking between all 6 shops. Because this is so massive, and a special event, this set will be in shops for TWO WEEKS. So until the 30th. 10th Anniversary LE set (34 toons) Also as another note, the 4 new Pokemon Puzzle toons in Shop 3 are Gift Boxes! Each one can be opened, and each one rewards 7 of the Unown! These puzzles are basically like the Yu-Gi-Oh and Hearthstone packs, while they were released as part of our 10th anniversary celebration, they will be around for a FULL YEAR. So if you feel the need to prioritize your points on these new toons, start with the LE set as these puzzles will be around for a while.
  8. Hey guys! We've got a chat party going on, come join us for raffles, and games for prizes!


    Also keep tooned to the TB as random toons will be put up for limited time raffles!

  9. Sharktibolt

    CT Hunger Games

    @Moana of Motunui You have next pick from these:
  10. Sharktibolt

    Time Machine Raffles!

    The Mewtwo winner has been picked! Congrats to CaptainJack!
  11. Sharktibolt

    CT Hunger Games

    @Darknessflamedragon You have the next pick! Please choose a prize from what remains below:
  12. Sharktibolt

    CT Hunger Games

    @baywatch7 The next pick is yours, choose anything from the remaining prize pool:
  13. Sharktibolt

    October 2018 Releases

    Was it before noon CT? They would've been in shops until the new sets started stocking, so that they're actually out for an exact full week.
  14. Sharktibolt

    October 2018 Releases

    Not sure if I missed something, but all of those are currently expired, LEs pretty much last for one full week.
  15. Sharktibolt

    Arcade Scores

    Birds Defenders was always one of my favorite Mochi games, that and Darts, but boy did this take SOOOOOOOO many level replays to reach that trophy score.
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