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  1. Time Machine Raffles!

    The Time Machine has reset, time for another Time Machine Raffle! You have at least 24 hours to offer 1 point for a chance to win the toon. The TM toon CTC got this week is Also being given away on the trade board is this Time Machine only toon:
  2. Post your Time Machine retrievals here!

    - Ben - Phoebe New toons!
  3. Toon Bingo #2

    The toon drawing is all over! Below are the winners! 1st Place went to Thelastsith! @thelastsith He wins all 5 toons from his Bingo line: Rocker Wakko, Spice, Meyneth, Posing Numbuh Five, and Lifesaver Sign! 2nd Place went to Dragonwolf! @dragonwolf He wins these random 4 toons from his Bingo line: Gym Leader Lt. Surge, Giru, Kinetic Ring, and Gudriff! 3rd Place had a TIE! The winners were Deepcanyon and MikeS101! Deepcanyon's: @deepcanyon1 She wins a random 3 toons from her Bingo line: Lifesaver Sign, Cheering Buttercup, and Coin! And just another note, there's only been 2 Toon Bingos so far, and Deepcanyon has been a part of the tie in BOTH games. MikeS101's: @mikes101 He gets a random 3 toons from his Bingo line: Spice, Cheering Buttercup, and Meyneth! 4th Place went to Terrie! @Terrie She wins a random 2 toons from her Bingo line: Lifesaver Sign and Muffy! 5th Place went to Lannisteryen! @lannisteryen He wins a random toon from his Bingo line: Goon Doc! Big thanks to those who signed up! Prizes will be passed out shortly. For everyone else, stay tooned to see if there's another Toon Bingo in the future!
  4. A reminder for the Toon Bingo 2 participants, the toon drawing is tonight around 9 PM CT!

  5. Time Machine Raffles!

    The winner for N Tropy has been picked! Congrats to Amaris!
  6. Toon Bingo #2

    Ok here are the cards! It was certain interesting seeing how they came out, once again we have cases of toons appearing on a good number of cards, and some that only ended up on one or two of them. And also a reminder that the toon drawing will be held in chat this Tuesday 2/20 at around 9 PM CT. Attendance is not required but will be more fun if you're there to find out you won. @mikes101 @FredTheFish @Starfire @thelastsith @lannisteryen @dragonwolf @deepcanyon1 @Terrie @Abdizur87 @XxGothsCanSmile2xX
  7. February 2018 Releases

    It will be there until Friday.
  8. February 2018 Releases

    New plaque, Cat Lovers, Shop 3
  9. Toon Bingo #2

    Looks like we hit the 10 people. Apologies @Moana of Motunui but you were #11. I should be able to make the cards tonight/tomorrow, so I will get them posted here for everyone ASAP. As for the number drawing, I'm thinking now that this Tuesday night (2/20) at around 9 PM CT is when I'll do it.
  10. Toon Bingo #2

    Toon Bingo 2! Hello everyone! Welcome to the second ever game of Toon Bingo! I'm sure everyone is familiar with normal Bingo, so we'll skip explaining that, and let's explain exactly what Toon Bingo is. First, in place of the 75 numbers used for a Bingo card, we have 75 toons to use for the cards. Each toon has been assigned a number to take the place of the normal 1-75 used for cards. So for example, B uses #1-15, and there are 15 toons available to be used in the 'B' column of the card. Each person's card will be made at random using the 75 toons. Here's an example of what the cards will look like. For this second game, we will be accepting 10 sign ups. When we get 10 people, the cards will be made and posted here for each person, and then the date and time of the toon drawing will be announced. The toon drawing will be more enjoyable if you can make it into chat when it's being done, but it's not required. There is also a Toon for the Freebie Space! That toon is going to be Kinetic Ring! Now for the rules. RULES 1. To sign up, post below your in game username. 2. 10 people can sign up for this, and when we have 10 sign ups, the cards will be made. 3. Each card will be generated using 5 random toons will be picked for each column, 4 for the 'N' column with the Free Space, and the cards will all be posted here for the participants to use and follow along with the toon drawing. 4. The toon drawing will take place in chat, at a date and time that will be determined when we have the 10 participants. 5. While the drawing will take place in chat, attendance is not required for this, as I will be tracking each card myself and announcing winners as they come. 6. There will be 5 winners of this contest, 1st Place-5th Place. 1st Place goes to the first Bingo winner, and they will receive all 5 toons in their Bingo line. 2nd Place is the second Bingo winner, who receives a random 4 toons from their Bingo line. This continues until the 5th person wins and they receive a random 1 toon in their Bingo line. Ties are possible, however, so there may be more than 5 winners. 7. Each person can only win once. So if you are the first person to get a Bingo, any further Bingos will not be counted. Below is the list of toons available for cards in this game:
  11. On one hand, Hasbro will have the Power Rangers toy license starting in 2019.


    On the other, Hasbro/Paramount revealed today the Transformers cinematic universe is now over and will be rebooted I think, and the Bumblebee movie is basically the last we're getting of the Bay universe.


    Honestly I'm pretty much ok with both things. :lol:

    1. RubixCube


      it will be nice to see how they do. bandi has had it for years. and yeah when they first came out they had some amazing action figures and the movie in the 90s was good. the original one. be nice to change things up.


      i think the Transformers movies were ok could of been way better they had there moments but people wanted something much different then what they got 

  12. The Ultimate Pokemon Hunger Games

    Game 19 has finished in chat, the winner was Woobat! The most notable thing from this game is we got THREE Arena Events, and the last one was even with just FIVE tributes left. None of the events were even the Feast one that pops up majority of the time! @Coolguy
  13. Cartoon Cartoon Weekdays

    Here is the list of attendees for 2/14/18:
  14. Cartoon Cartoon Weekdays

    Completely forgot to say anything, I'll be on tonight so I can be guest host.
  15. Time Machine Raffles!

    The Time Machine has reset, time for another Time Machine Raffle! You have at least 24 hours to offer 1 point for a chance to win the toon. The TM toon CTC got this week is Also being given away on the trade board is this Time Machine only toon:
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