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  1. Abdizur87 Tried using the Tesseract, didn't go so well.
  2. Abdizur87 Hmm, think I took a wrong turn somewhere.
  3. Zombieland The quest for the Last box of Twinkies in that Grocery Store has begun. Must find them before they're gone...forever!!
  4. Abdizur87 Alright Chewie, Punch It!
  5. Abdizur87 Everything is AWES....Oh Crap Nevermind!!!
  6. Kinda creepy, I'm watching It, and It popped up just as Pennywise attacked Georgie.
  7. Abdizur87 Hitched a ride with Beerus and Whis
  8. Abdizur87 For God's Sake! Gallifrey Stands!
  9. Wow that Super Bowl was pathetic. -_-

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