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  1. Abdazar Slytherin

    Once Upon a Time Hunger Games

    There are no strings...on me... I'll go with Ultron!! Oh wait Ultron isn't in this contest, Pinocchio it is then! Awesome Game Rowena!
  2. Abdazar Slytherin

    The Last Letter Game

  3. Abdazar Slytherin

    The Last Letter Game

    It just hit me that these are the 1st new posts in almost 8 years...O_O; Having said that, (clears throat) Darmstadtium
  4. Abdazar Slytherin

    Corrupt A Wish

    Granted but they're speaking a language that no one can interpret, a cross between Klingon, Huttesse, Latin, Farsi, and I'm guessing a smidge of ancient Sumerian by the sound of it. I wish I was an Animagus, and my Animagi is Acromantula!!!
  5. Abdazar Slytherin

    Pokemon distribution events (USA only)

    Gamestops giving away Shiny Poipoles Starting on Sept 17 thru Oct 7!
  6. Abdazar Slytherin

    Corrupt A Wish

    Granted but Trump loved his new hairstyle so much that he made it a mandatory hairstyle for everyone to have so now we all have to wear that Goofy haircut... X_x I wish I was a Cyborg with access to the same tech used by Victor Stone, I.E. DC's Cyborg
  7. Abdazar Slytherin

    The Last Letter Game

  8. Abdazar Slytherin

    20 Toon Raffles!

  9. Abdazar Slytherin

    Double or Nothing 4: Is This a Sequel or a Reboot?

  10. Abdazar Slytherin

    Double or Nothing 4: Is This a Sequel or a Reboot?

    Set 30 box 1 plz and Ty
  11. happy_birthday_uzumaki_naruto_10_10_2013

    Happy Birthday Brother! :D

    1. Josh123


      Dude you guys know me so well! This is frickin awesome! XD Thank you brother! :) 

  12. Abdazar Slytherin

    Disney Saturday Aug 4th

    It was late October, Basil and I were on Assignment in New York, a string of dognappings were rapdily spreading across the city. Not just any dogs either, all of the dognappings were of Dalmatians exclusively. A dalmatian pup by the name of Lucky managed to escape his captors, however his parents and siblings were not as fortunate. "I've dealt with these two before a few months ago. Their names are Horace and Jasper, don't know their last names but they're the cronies of this Crazy Woman named Cruella DeVil. They were going to make coats out of us!" Lucky told us. After a quick Google Search, Basil had found that Miss DeVil recently purchased a fairly large warehouse near the docks and it's location was only 5 blocks from where Lucky managed to escape from his captor's van. Upon arrival of the warehouse, low and behold, Horace and Jasper's Van was parked outside along with Miss DeVil's Red Panther De Ville. Inside there were countless dalmatians kennel cages. "Well, I believe we can call off our search then, Dawson," Said Basil. "By Jove, there must be well over a thousand of them in there! And there's our duo of dognappers as well," said I. "Dawson, keep an eye on our friends here and Cruella if she turns up. Luck, let's start getting these cages opened," Basil said. I followed Horace and Jasper to an office on the second floor where Cruella was waiting for them. "We seem to be on schedule Mum, uhh, what's with the rush?" Jasper asked. "I don't want a repeat of what happened in London, I'm overseeing the production this time to make sure you idiots don't screw it up!" Cruella shouted. While they were they were discussing their dastardly plan, I found a dossier containing details of their plans and to my horror Cruella wasn't only interested in making coats but a line of fur products of nearly all kinds, coats, rugs, drapes, etc. The thousand pups she had collected were just a start... Cruella picked up a pair of sheers along with other wicked looking sharp objects while her cohorts each had a baseball bat in hand. I snuck underneath the door to the office and managed to lock the door from the other side to buy some time. Basil and Lucky along with the other freed dalmatians had roughly 4/5 of the cages open by the time I returned to the main floor. "We've got to hurry! The Humans are accelerating their plans!" I told Basil as I was helping open a cage of my own. Basil and I looked up and Horace was struggling with the door and began to try breaking it down. With the final cage open and the last few pups heading out of the warehouse, Horace finally managed to bust the door down. Basil and I were heading out of the warehouse as well but then for some reason he stopped dead in his tracks and looked back at the building with a grin on his face. "Basil, what are you doing? Everyone's out now, we should follow suit," I told him. "I'm aware Dawson, just taking out a bit of an insurance policy," He said as he pulled a matchbox out his coat. He then ignites a match and lights a fuse at his feet. The flame snakes it's way up the fuse to several charges attached to the supports beneath the warehouse. They explode causing the building to sink into New York Harbor. Cruella, Jasper, and Horace resurface. "Well, to be fair mum, you were overseeing it this time," Jasper told her with a bit of nervous chuckle. "Oh Shut Up You Idiot!!" Cruella Exclaimed. Lucky was reunited with his family and with the case closed, Basil and I returned to Baker Street awaiting our next case.
  13. Abdazar Slytherin

    Toon Bingo #3

    Bingo!! Abdizur87
  14. Abdazar Slytherin

    Shiny Pokemon Hunting

    Shiny Cottonee after 17 encounters!!
  15. Abdazar Slytherin

    CT Pog Game

    Which is worse? Last or Second place? Btw Gratz Q!
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