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  1. Abdazar Slytherin

    Post your Time Machine retrievals here!

    Surprised Giovanni hasn't hired Heisenberg yet. XD Sitting Milk Chan
  2. Abdazar Slytherin

    Shiny Pokemon Hunting

    And now Daenerys is a glorious Shiny Steelix.
  3. Abdazar Slytherin

    Shiny Pokemon Hunting

    Very Well Sora, so be it...
  4. Abdazar Slytherin

    Shiny Pokemon Hunting

    I just caught a full 8436/1 odds Shiny Onix in Victory Road on original Gold!! That was amazing!!!
  5. Abdazar Slytherin

    Cartoon Cartoon Weekdays

    This ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  6. Abdazar Slytherin

    CT Hangman

    Oh I know what is!!!!
  7. Abdazar Slytherin

    CT Hangman

  8. MV5BMjMxNjY2MDU1OV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNzY1

    30 Minutes away, can't wait!!!


    1. Abdazar Slytherin

      Abdazar Slytherin

      Just Finished, Wow...

      Infinity War is, it is... uhhh...I'm quite at a loss of words...

      Calling it Epic doesn't quite say it, I don't know how to describe it. 

      This film shook me to my core, it has left me completely awestruck, speechless but in a good way unlike how Last Jedi left me speechless in a bad way. 

      If anyone else has seen it yet, feel free to shoot me a pm if u wish, we have much to discuss. ^_^

  9. Abdazar Slytherin

    CT Grand Adventure

    Which is sad, this was the most fun I've had in a while.
  10. Abdazar Slytherin

    2018 Super Smackdown Contest Discussion

    Rosemon!! Thank you! Also how does Cube have so many morphs??? I'm so busy that I'm lucky I got the 6 I managed to morph.
  11. Abdazar Slytherin


    Si, si, I so loved this movie and if the Emoji Movie managed to get a set Coco definitely needs one. Found a pic of the land of the dead for a background.
  12. Abdazar Slytherin

    CT Hangman

  13. Abdazar Slytherin

    Site Suggestion Dump

    While Kitty and I were fighting in smackdown and she and I legitimately didn't know which toon was required to morph the Godzilla toons. I thought it was the green Germ and she told me it was Godzilla Title Card. I was thinking that maybe there needs to be a Morpher Rarity for the items required to morph toons in SD.
  14. Abdazar Slytherin

    2018 Super Smackdown Contest

    Numbah 4-6
  15. Abdazar Slytherin

    2018 Super Smackdown Contest

    Numbah 1-3 OMG Imgur is so much easier than Photobucket!!! Even noticed Imgur comes out clearer too, top two are photobucket, Ice is Imgur.
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