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    Whats it to ya? Haha, just kidding I suppose. Guess I should actually put things. Er....quite obviously CT and probably right up there, TF2.
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  1. Happy Tenth Anniversary, CT! <3 Never thought I'd see this day happen. :) You all are awesome.

  2. EngarDew

    @Users who price cToons in their shops so high

    If I had to guess, it's literally just in the hopes that some sucker won't know the actual value of the toon and go for it. There are some toons that are actually worth a bit in some shops, but I suppose they have the mind set of "if you really want it, you'll pay this price," in the sense that "I'm in no rush to sell this toon. If someone grabs it, that's awesome for me, but I don't mind waiting".
  3. EngarDew

    Arcade Scores

    Galactic Gems 2 will edit later when I get more scores done.
  4. I'm gonna keep getting those codes figured out! ;) I forgot how much fun this is <3

  5. EngarDew

    2018 Spookiest cWorld Contest

    Something wasn't going right this Halloween. Reports had come in of people disappearing all over town. The teen titans had went to investigate(except Beast Boy, since he was out trick-or-treating) and were stopped in their tracks, being turned into puppets at the mercy of a hand for a host! Hoss Delgado took matters into his own hands, but was struck down with a sticky spiderweb that also caught a bystander with him! There was only one man- er, kid left for the job. Numbah 1 went looking for clues...look behind you, Nigel!!! Oh dear, this Halloween isn't looking so good for Animation City. Hey, since when was Ryuk back in the human world? Don't tell me the Addam's Family has a Death Note.. (Sorry for the little blurb of a story, but i was trying to convey a story with my cworld :>).
  6. Are you back on CT Bloo?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Xavianangel


      Yay. Missed you!

    3. EngarDew


      I know it's ironic I'm saying that since I've been on and off multiple times in the past few years, but I think I've finally found a balance of time where I can manage being on.

    4. Josh123


      Well, it's good to have you back bud. :) 

  7. EngarDew

    Migrate Chat to Discord?

    I was actually going to suggest this myself, nice thread. I use discord for everything chat related and it's so smooth I feel so weird using anything else. Moderating on discord does allow for IP banning I believe, but don't quote me on that. It's very orderly and allows for a lot of customization for whatever kind of chat you want. I heavily recommend looking into it @Xavianangelnot that our current chat is bad, but because of how widely used discord is, I do believe it could actually lead to more people coming in. At the very least, it'd offer quicker accessibility. Whatever servers you decide to reside in are on a handy little bar on the side and you can modify your notification settings very easy. Hit me up if you have questions or something, but I heavily recommend you check it out.
  8. EngarDew

    The Supporters Nook

    I totally get how you feel, but at the same time this site really needs donations so I feel like the more frantic feel to keep up with it is intentional/needed.
  9. EngarDew

    I love CT because...

    Wow, what a thread to see on here. Apologies for being a few months late, I don't know if I would have even seen this thread if it wasn't for me being pinged in it. @FredTheFish Thank you for bringing me awareness to this thread and for being such an awesome dude. Definitely one of the handful of people I've bonded and talked to on this site in the numerous years. You've always been a great dude, TF. :> I can't at everyone since to be totally honest some of you have newer names then what I knew you by in the past, but I owe a great deal of thanks to this wonderful community. Animation loving is what brought me into this game, the community is what keeps bringing me back. @Xavianangel was always awesome and I'm so glad I got to talk with you in the past, whether it was those extensive skype calls or dm chats, there was a lot of fun to be had. @woodstock24 I have to giggle because I remember towards the beginning of you being on here, we didn't exactly see eye to eye...but over time that changed and you became one of my best ct pals. @Raven assuming this is THE raven I'm thinking of, you always did so much for this community and I thank you so much for it. @RollingStoned my dude. So many others I could call out, sora, dewdrop, Jazzy...man I'd be here all day listing you all, so I apologize to any of my pals I didn't list. I didn't forget you guys, I just can't make this a book. :3 I love CT because it's a spiritual successor to orbit and that I've met so many great people on here. I'm sorry I dip out a lot due to the busyness of life, but I can't even begin to express how much joy it fills me to see this place still here. It's actually crazy to think I was about 11-12 years old when I started playing this game and being less than two months away from hitting the age of 21. I remember sitting on our old, cruddy windows xp desktop in the basement trying to HR shop back in the day.
  10. Ha, ha, ha, happy holidays- huh? You say it's ho, not ha? HAH

    1. The Villainous Rumplestiltskin

      The Villainous Rumplestiltskin

      McBLOOOO! Merry Christmas to YOUUUUU!

    2. EngarDew


      Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuu, you too!!!

    3. Josh123


      Bloooooooo Merry Christmas buddy! ;D 

  11. Hey, happy birthday, McBloo. Hope it's a real nice day for you, buddy.

  12. Got STR Broly, SSJ3 Goku, SSGSS AGL Vegeta, SSGSS STR Vegeta, Kid Buu, Int Android 18, Int Whis, PHY SSJ Vegeta, SSj2 kid gohan AGL, TEQ Ultimate Cooler, AGL SSJ Goku, STR Kid Goku, AGL SSj2 Goku, Int Golden Frieza, STR SSJ Bardock, AGL Great Saiyaman, and a few others not off the top of my head as SSRs ;)

    1. Ssoldier


      Danggg, so you've basically got all the top cards lol... Man I went up against Broly and lost in one round, he's a beast! You got some beast cards though!

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