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  1. Thx everybody i went to movies with friends today and there is gonna be a big dinner later so ill be on but maybe afk
  2. As the title states im looking for the complete list of the Oban Star Racers Set but i can find it anywere maybe im blind but all the lists only show me Running Molly
  3. Im playing Celtic Mah Jongg and after completing the first level not once but twice the game froze on me after the add it didnt load new pieces i cant even send my score i feel kinda cheeted cause i feel like i hade a chance to set a top scoreok so it happend a third time 720 score no hints used complete level 1 the ad starts to play next it loads next level screen but the pieces never appear my time was 4mins 27secs and the level number never goes to 2 you can hit the hint button all day to lower score and clock does not stop can someone try n fix this
  4. killa559

    I Need Help

    i do believe i did that u go to there cWorld and offer from there right thats wat i did i hit offer but i dont get an update is that person even on.
  5. killa559

    I Need Help

    i think someone wanted the jesus i put up but they didnt do it correctly so i removed it from the trade accepted there offer and orreferd them the Jesus i only guess they wanted Jesus cause it was up for trade when they offered those to me and i looked at there cWorld lots of southpark but no jesus
  6. killa559

    I Need Help

    thanks everybody I wont be helping them anymore and ouch 5k is like a full day of pionts for me cause i am bad at most games and you can now see im horrible with knowng value on cToons
  7. killa559

    I Need Help

    another thing did i get fined for what happend cause my points r in negative i got like negative 2.something k
  8. killa559

    I Need Help

    they r all expired and they were 5k each look at them in the trade board Jazzy was the one i was buying them from
  9. killa559

    I Need Help

    so what do i do about the 4 PPG ctoons i have and the 20k im out
  10. killa559

    I Need Help

    Hi im still kinda new to the site. This is my topic. I live in an apartment with my sister and two other guys the two guys i went to high school with. i was a player of ctoon orbit back in the day and they were also. I realy like this site. Ok here is a problem i have 4 people 2 labtops and one wireless router in the appartment. All the people that live here wanna play. This would meen that we have to share. I am into collecting the new bleach series and some super hero stuff. My roomate paul likes PPG stuff I found someone willing to sell me them so i offered to get them for him but he would have to pay me back he agreed. This is my labtop we share it. My sister jan and other friend ramon were gonna share her labtop now here lies my delima i just got a mail saying i was harvesting but in truth im not its just we have to share in this house. I actually donate to this site and if my friend get a job he might donate also. I dont wanna lose my account but i still have 4 of the expired PPG things that cost me 20k Im supposed to give him them for the same price is there any way i can finish this trade with him then ill pass him the name of the person i made the deal with and he can get them himslef. I should have done thes from the start but we just thought about this now.
  11. I am new to the site. I also recieced the mail twice about solitare says i got the trophy but its not in my collection before i went to sleep i was in first place. I have no point glitches still just 5250 which i earned today mostly. but i cant see my collestion when i wanna do trades or edit my c world
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