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  1. Very awesome auction only !
  2. I’ll take deadly sins and dark souls thanks !
  3. Oh dang well shoot good luck to whoever gets it definitely a rare purchase ! And wow inactive with that many points truly a shame lol
  4. Yeah it’s getting up there just surprised I see a ton of people with like 100 mill I figured it would go for like 25mill or something haha
  5. Wish I had the points for it looks like it’s going cheap as of right now only 5.1 mill!
  6. Kid kami just sold for like 850-950k a little bit ago I’d do 800k and ppg I’m unsure of as well
  7. Sorry just saw this I’ll throw an offer at what you have up now !
  8. I have kid kami and ppg sleigh ride offer !
  9. Happy birthday!!!

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