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  1. morphor

    Taco's Treasure Giveaway

    Finally found this >>
  2. morphor

    New Mods?

    This thread is....stupid....wonder if the mods could lock it. -.-*
  3. morphor

    Whats Your Real Name

    My name is pretty common, I don't know how common it exactly is cause I am on the computer all day, it's Aaron, I like it though.
  4. morphor

    Hi, New Here (introduce Yourself Thread)

    The so called 'original' video game system is actually the Magnavox Odyssey which was released in 1972, the Atari 2600 came out in 1977. Yea, I won't forget, it's also the Gameboys 20th anniversary, and tomorrow is my moms bday while mine is Hagrids, and current president of Nintendo. What's MegaTails?
  5. morphor

    Nintendo-Themed ctoons

    This, thread I HEAVILY agree, anything game related...even though I'm new and it'll just make me quite a bit more annoyed cause I'll be wanting just about every single thing game related.
  6. morphor

    What Songs Are You Listening To?

    Smash Bros Melee Orchestral music. XD
  7. morphor

    Golden List?

    Damn, I want that Link and Hammer Bro so badly heck maybe 2 of the Hammer Bro. Followed by Tetris Peter XD >> damn game obsession, why so few game chars. x.x
  8. morphor

    Hi, New Here (introduce Yourself Thread)

    I see what you did there, Coleco either, I decided to start collecting everything last year, unfortunately I don't have a job and my parents...erm...went bankrupt, but I probably shouldn't mention that on here. erm...? Yes it is, it's my favorite flash series, if 'The Decline in Video Gaming' series was continued, that might be it, though 2 was the best episode and still remains iin my top favorite flash videos. Unfortunately, as I said before no money, no job, I only have brawl. My dad sort of owes me money, even though that sounds ridiculous, it's going to a Potter convention a year from now. Last thing I am actually doing with the fandom.
  9. Welcome to collectoons!

  10. morphor

    Hi, New Here (introduce Yourself Thread)

    I would be playing online more often, but I don't have many games for it yet, got it in early April. Megaman Posted Today, 09:12 AM No NES or SNES?! I said SNES it's at the top, I was born in 89, family apparently got rid of the NES or lost it when I started playing at the age of 3, friend gave me his SNES almost a year ago.
  11. Hello everyone, I discovered this place this week decided to register, and I couldn't find a 'introduce yourself' thread. Great job to everyone who put this place together since Orbit died off. I didn't use Orbit that much but when I did it was enjoyable! So, while most of you are acquainted with yourselves, my primary interest is video games, followed by Harry Potter which has sort of been dying off. I am going to try to collect every game system in existence, I currently have SNES, Genesis/Megadrive, N64, PSOne, Gamecube, PS2, 360, Wii, PS3, original grey Gameboy, Gameboy Pocket, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, GBA SP, DSLite, PSP-1000.
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