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  1. Save the Auction Onlys!!!!!!

    Freddy Unsafe: Al's Sacrifice Anna's Sacrifice- Abdi Battle-Ready Sango- ken College Roomie- Abdi Elemental Master Avatar Aang- Abdi Freddy Krueger Jason Voorhees KH2 Cloud Performing Gazelle Posed Deathstroke PPG Radio Sith Lords- Coolguy Snowboarding Maka- ken Tattered Supergirl The Koos- TF Tumbleweed
  2. A Cartoon Cartoon Thanksgiving

    Looks like I'm in the minority but Tuesday would def. be harder for me as I have to be to work at 7am Weds and don't have to go back until we open on Thursday i/e Weds night I could actually stay up, but then again we'll prob. see Coco as that's our thing to see the newest Disney movie on Thanksgiving Eve (Frozen, Ralph, Moana, Coco) >> lol.
  3. CT Hangman

  4. Disney Saturdays!!

    >> I was there. Watched Elana, talked about Traveler never seeing X-Mas movies, Talked about the awful Bay/Transformers movies, watched the movie, came back from it for some raffles and talking about how everyone has to work in the morning. Meh, I'll just try to be around next weekend.
  5. CT Hangman

    For some reason I thought it was not going twice in a row >___________>. *Takes notes for next time*
  6. CT Hangman

  7. CT Hangman

  8. CT Hangman

  9. Save the Auction Onlys!!!!!!

    Round 32 Al's Sacrifice Anna's Sacrifice Battle-Ready SangoCollege RoomiesElemental Master Avatar AangEnticing ErzaFreddy KruegerGoku's First KamehamehaGolden PilgrimGoofy GoobersJason VoorheesKH2 CloudMoney DropPerforming GazellePosed DeathstrokePPG RadioPPG SleighrideSith LordsSnowboarding MakaSnuggly GrimTattered SupergirlThe KoosTumbleweed Booted: 24th Place: No Strings on Me 25th Place: Golden Bijou 26th Place: Injured Spider-Man 27th Place: Primate Power 28th Place: Jessica's Presents 29th Place: Butt-Head Valentine 30th Place: Winged Tabuu 31st Place: Golden Hamtaro 32nd Place: Rin's Sacrifice 33rd Place: Attacking Mewtwo 34th Place: Mega Rayquaza 35th Place: Kyuubi Naruto 36th Place: Love for Apples 37th Place: Bat-Mushu 38th Place: KH2 Sephiroth 39th Place: Hang-Ten Scooby 40th Place: Cupid Scooby 41st Place: Arceus 42nd Place: Dancing Skull Kid 43rd Place: Sez You 44th Place: Eclipsed Luna 45th Place: Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon 46th Place: Exo-Jock 4000 47th Place: Hollow Ichigo 48th Place: Attacking Ss4 Gogeta 49th Place: Baby's End 50th Place: Daddy's Little Monster 51st Place: Night's Watch Jon Snow 52nd Place: Super Saiyan God Goku 53rd Place: Powered-Up Garlic Jr. 54th Place: Mecha Frieza 55th Place: Fight for the Future
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