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    CT Pog Game 2

    kenrmcha 2
  2. ken

    CT Pog Game 2

  3. ken

    20 Toon Raffles!

  4. ken

    Disney Saturday Aug 4th

    It had been a rough few weeks for Basil. Both of his loyal sidekicks had disappeared. After a botched attempt to uncover an underground pet theft ring, both Dawson and Toby were gone. Basil searched all of London til he found a loyal ally in Pongo, a dalmatian who had dealt with a situation like this before. Using the Twilight bark, the new found friends had tracked another base of operations all the way to Denmark. The trip was not easy, as they had to sneak aboard many different vehicles to travel abroad. In the end though, they arrived in the sleepy village of Aalborg. Once there our heroes began their investigation. It turns out, just like in London, some evil, twist group was luring innocent pets to sell for unspeakable uses. As Basil and Pongo enter the base of operation. There they found dozens of scared dogs, cats, birds, and even a young piglet. Using his stealthiness, Basil was able to sneak around and talk to a few of the pets. None of them had seen, nor even heard of Toby or Dawson. Alas, the case had went cold, but still our heroes were determined to free the captive animals. Being so late in the evening, there were only two men guarding the animals. One of them was listening to his radio, while the other was passed out asleep. It seemed all to easy for the great mouse detective. As he laid his plan into action, everything came together with ease. Suddenly, the door burst open and a third man was dragging an unruly puppy into the house of sin by a leash. This was the distraction he needed, with Pongo as his steed, Basil pulled a string that unlocked all the pens the pets were in. The man listening to the radio jumped up, startled, but he could not react in time as the animals stormed pass. As they got closer to the exit, the man with the puppy tried to shut the door, but had become tangled in the leash. As Basil and Pongo ran by, Pongo was able to bite, with all his might, the end of the leash, allowing the puppy to join the heard. After what seemed like hours of fleeing, the pets finally stopped. Finally feeling safe, they all formed groups to travel back to their homes, now knowing to be cautious in route. As Basil and Pongo watched their new friends leave, the puppy stayed behind. "Hey mister, why'd you save us?". "Well," Basil responded, "It was the right thing to do, not to mention I was looking for a couple friends." "I'm sorry you didn't find them sir. Do you mind if I help you? I'm pretty far away from home as is. My master has been traveling all over Europe and those creeps kidnapped me days ago." The puppy personality had shifty greatly. Basil could tell the the bravado had faded. "Why not, we could always use another sniffer to track down my friends and help out any other victims we come across." Basil gave the young pup a sly wink and the trio began to journey further through Denmark...
  5. ken

    CT Pog Game

    kenrmcha, I'll give it a go.
  6. ken

    Left Center Right #2

    Doesn’t look like i’ll make it, out with friends and can’t connect to chat. Have fun whoever can attend and look forward to the results.
  7. ken

    CT Hangman

  8. ken

    Cartoon Cartoon Weekdays

    I can’t vouche for Jazz because I honestly don’t remember if she click on the link, but I did for the last episode. I’m assuming she did though since she was resistant til I told her it was PPG >> lol
  9. ken

    Left Center Right #2

    Kenrmcha, think there’s a spot left <.<
  10. Happy birthday!!!

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    Happy Birthday!

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    Happy Birthday Ken... hope you have a great day :) :bday1:

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    Happy  Birthday from Deep and me

  14. Happy Birthday   Goo

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