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  1. New Plaque

    I know right? I log in see it and go to shop and get one! Im glad we got a pm, it gives EVERYONE a chance
  2. Taco's Treasure Giveaway

    Wow Thank you all!Thank you sooo much Taco! I never win ANYTHING! lol Thank you sooooooo much!!!!
  3. I Got Him!

    service man to complete bobobo and mad mod/slade for teen titans and thanks everyone
  4. I Got Him!

    For DAYS I searched shop 1 for Gizmo (teen titans) today I logged on searched and BOOHYA!!!! 2 Gizmo's!! WEWT!
  5. Who Saw The Trailer?

    really? hmmmmwell I am going to preorder Friday so i can play Sergeant Johnson XD
  6. Who Saw The Trailer?

    Who has seen the Live Action Trailer for Halo ODST??I did last night and im soo buying it lol
  7. Taco's Treasure Giveaway

    I am in, and may I say wow! Thanks for starting this giveaway! I do not know if I could ever give away that many Ctoons worth that much lol.
  8. Trophy?

    yeah at the end of the month we are supposed to get one, but I have not gotten my from august yet, i think Toon is still working on them.
  9. August 2009 Releases

    idk about anyone else but im still confused as to how to get a plaque? like what do we do to get them and how do we find out whena new one is released?
  10. Patch's Wishlist

    um i dont know, i am not good on prices, whats the min you will accept?
  11. Patch's Wishlist

    Im currently looking for Slade, Mad Mod and Gizmo from the Titans collectionand Service Man to complete my bobobobobobo collection
  12. Some New Games

    woah hold the phone...trophies??? lol
  13. Aggressive Alpine Skiing

    ive played the game 3 times in a row now, and received no points at all, i should have gotten around two thousand points, but nothing..
  14. Danny Phantom

    DannyTuckerSambox ghostall the characters,But i would LOVE to see EMBER MCLAIN!
  15. July 2009 Releases

    I cant find any of the Yu-gi-oh monsters
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