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  1. Will the rule change if it only wins by such few votes or possibly ties. It seems with a rule change it should be won by more then a few it should be a good margin but that's only my opinion.
  2. Nice TTG toon ill put some in for that.
  3. Ya it is pretty new which is why I'm thinking it may take some time to get enough toons but once there is enough id be fun to see. Even maybe putting in one for a code toon could be neat
  4. This new anime came out which is "The Rising of the Shield Hero" it's a cool anime but still very new only 4 or 5 episodes now so this set probably wont be easy to make until the first season is over. Once it is I think it would be a great addition. Also if you need a new anime to check out then give it a view and let me know what you think. If you have seen it put some love in this so it can be a set later.
  5. Bruce almighty. Actually read through more then the last one and realized someone already said this. Not going to head backwards soooo Kicking and screaming
  6. So I am a person who feels cheated by rng quite often especially on this site. PO's each month I just about never get the one I want and it doesn't seem fair when I am paying. I would like to hopefully see less rng on this site when it comes to stuff but I believe if we could eliminate the rng on PO's a lot of people would be happier. My idea is instead of being given a random toon at the beginning of each month we can receive a Premium only ticket to be used in a premium only toon store which could be placed under premium options. Now if we do that we can't let people chose the same toon every 6 months so you could limit it to only allowing them to chose a toon once and then it can't be chosen again which would mean people would end each month with 6 different premium only toons. It would cause more excitement and less disappointment at the beginning of the months on collectoons and make people happier. I know it would atleast make me happier. End game collection players would be getting 6 PO's they want. It creates a more fair system. RNG is not something collectoons needs in my opinion its great for people who have good luck but for people like me who don't ever get what they want and have to spend 200k plus points on the ones we want just is atleast turning me away from this site. I have stuck around a long time and lately have been tempted to stop playing because of my horrible rng on this site.
  7. Isn't that more of an issue with active players? I agree with rollingstoned it will just let the few people who do like it to horde it but not help with the actual issue of just people not playing and buying toons.
  8. how do I do this over and over and over and never get a beast but other people get multiples
  9. What do you mean as many copies as you want? are you taking the buying limit of 1 away or do you mean if you sell a copy you can just go ahead and buy another? Also how long is the trail period for this going to be? And are you going to put more hrs in the game when you release that set then?
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