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  1. What'd you think about it?
  2. Well, actually my username is LovesKingomHearts.. without the D. I wasn't paying attention while I was signing up. Thanks! It's good to be back. I forgot how hard it is to start back up from the begining.. heh Especially not having a premium membership.. lol
  3. Lucky it's not worth it. haha The comic is awesome though.. I've never read the first in that series though, I grabbed the second on mistake. =( Did you finish them?
  4. Woo, KH fanz unite! haha I have 1 & 2 on ps2, Plus my sister bought Chain of Memories,Don't bother playing it though. It sucks. lol It's good because it's KH but still..
  5. Excuse the typo, I meant "LovesKingdomHearts" when I was signing up.. I forgot the "D" you see. My mistake, pardon me. heh So let's start the tradin'!! Anything Kingdom Hearts yet? No? Yes? No? Yeah, I'm still waiting for that. lol
  6. Sheeeeeee (we gave her most of our lives) Is leavinggggg (sacraficed most of our lives) hommeeeeee (we gave her everything money could buy)

  7. Haha Sweet! lol Thanks everyone. =)
  8. Okay, Sora's face is on the We Love Games plaque so that leads me to believe that there are Kingdom Hearts ctoons out there. Am I just an idiot or do they exist? lol
  9. You joined the forum!

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