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  1. mitch you're still as cute as ever

  2. Happy birthday
  3. Congrats!
  4. I hope all of you have a great one.
  5. Iced Tea BBQ Ribs/Brisket Fresh-cut Steak Fries (seasoned) Chocolate Cake
  6. I hope you two have a great one!
  7. Happy Birthday!
  8. Yeah, I needed 1 bp and lost. Then it showed that my Spinel had 200 bps and needed 0 to morph.
  9. Thanks it worked.
  10. After getting 200 bps for my False Form Spinel it didn't morph and actually says I need -1 battle points to morph. I was wondering if this can be fixed?
  11. Congrats. So whats next a billion points?
  12. Make money online at and get your Collectoons premium membership today!

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  13. I hope you had a great one!
  14. I don't see Macfarlanes humor working well with the Flintstones.
  15. I like it.
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