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  1. Happy Birthday!!!

  2. Happy birthday!!! :bday1::bday1:

  3. What Woodstock Is Selling

    Beatdown Eddy-12k Medusas Beatdown-4k Don't Touch Ed -12k Candy Hoarding-15k
  4. Chronik's Wishlist

    Offered, thank you very much! Updated for changes as well
  5. Chronik's Wishlist

    For sez me and protective Sarah-6k?
  6. Chronik's Wishlist

    BUMP- Updated a bit, thanks for the help all who have contributed, any and all future help is greatly appreciated.
  7. Santa is coming to CT!!

    Sweet I will enter. Game name is Chronik, heres my list
  8. Chronik's Wishlist

    This will be my official Wishlist. Can buy with points, or trade toons. FOR SANTA Over Achievers PPG Radio Entei Web Masters Ga Ga For Games Father-Son Kamehameha Bonded Forever Plaque Shiny Arceus Hang-Ten Scooby Cupid Scooby All Else Will update this as I go along, this is the start, once I complete these two sets I will put up another two. Have points and toons to trade for them.
  9. Chronik's Recirculation Project

    Your very welcome
  10. Chronik's Recirculation Project

    Of Course! Been selling at 100k flat, so you may offer whatever you like (no Clash Cards) to make it to 100k worth or just points works as well, will post now
  11. Chronik's Recirculation Project

    Whatever you would like to do, I will recirculate a seth back to the boards anyhow. Edit: Just to give you guys the craziness of how this is working, just took an offer of 512 commons-crazy rares and a couple code only for a round of whats listed up top.. don't be discouraged
  12. Chronik's Recirculation Project

    It's up whenever your ready
  13. Chronik's Recirculation Project

    so far people are valuing her at 70k-100k, so 70k will work
  14. Hey all, here is a link to my shop, will try to keep up stock as things sell, lots of older toons, and plenty of my multiple expired toons, and even some HR's! Check it out!
  15. Hey all, as you may have seen from my recent trade listings, I decided to do a recirculation project to get more toons flowing through the game rather than let multiples sit and rot. So with that said, here is what I have available. Please try to request one of each so more people can get one, all I ask is for toons (of any kind) or points of equal value. Lets see how this goes, if all is well I may keep this going! Power Girl x12 Indestructible Batman x1 Royal Flush Gang x6 Mr. Sinister x7 Cyborg Apocalypse x4 Killer Frost x1 Shipoopi Peter x1 Dr. Stupid x1 Collossus Rogue x1 Preta Ghoul x1 Ol Kentucky Shark x1 True Asassin x1 Edit: Great questions already being brought to my attention out there. To re-iterate, you may offer whatever you want for these, points, hrs, commons, etc. (no Clash Cards)So long as the value of what you want is the value of what you give. Also I request that you only ask for one of each, makes no sense to do this if my hoard goes to one person =P.
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