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  1. frankunothatazn

    Cartoon Cartoon Weekdays

    kevin's dad works at the jawbreaker factory. he keeps extra surplus in the garage because kids like dusty jawbreakers. i don't think they explain why he's selling them, i guess kevin is just trying to make an easy buck on the second hand market, that could lead to his dad getting fired.
  2. frankunothatazn

    Anime Sunday

    i guess to be fair i only say hi and leave chat open in another tab for hours.
  3. frankunothatazn

    Anime Sunday

    wait i was there this sunday
  4. Pj7Hv4Y.jpg

  5. frankunothatazn


    Some of my favorite books are: The Road by Cormac Macarthy No Country For Old Men by Cormac Macarthy 1984 by George Orwell Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane. (and yes i read these before seeing the film adaptations)
  6. frankunothatazn

    Ct Santa's Grab Bag

    yea this
  7. frankunothatazn

    Ct Santa's Grab Bag

    i was on team nice though?
  8. frankunothatazn

    Team Nice

    little did trunks know that his furry friend was really captain ginyu.
  9. frankunothatazn

    Reindeer Games

    1 plz
  10. frankunothatazn

    Team Nice

    here's the snow child i made
  11. frankunothatazn

    Team Nice

    nintendo 3ds?
  12. frankunothatazn

    Team Nice

  13. frankunothatazn

    Team Nice

    merry birthmas
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