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  1. 1. Hunter X Hunter 2. Kirito from sword art online 3. Masterbiks
  2. "Doctors Torture Old Man for Science"
  3. Why did you post here if you’re just going to ignore everyone’s opinions and reiterate your point lol. Try listening to what people have to say when answering your question and grow from it
  4. I mean just because someone has a ton of points doesn’t mean they can’t low ball or go for a good deal. Less than 100 points is obviously way to low but those just seem like clownin offers that weren’t really meant for buying your stuff. Honestly if I were to see those offers I’d have myself a good chuckle and move on with life. Don’t take it too hard man
  5. I just wanted to chime in since I’ve been reading through this topic throughout the day. I’ve been coming back to ct often enough to keep my account active for the last 10 years, and from my point of view it looks like I’m slowly watching collectoons come to an end. Despite that I do feel like there are a lot of opportunities for the site to grow through the social media and ideas you guys have mentioned already. It’s a very encouraging thing to see someone like fierce taking a hench mod role with his marketing experience and I’m looking forward to seeing if something comes of it as well as the discord pushes. I am hopeful, and will be here to donate to a site I love playing when I’m on and able until the end if we see that day. Realistically if I could donate 10 bucks a month to just have the chance to hop on here and play it whenever forever I’d do it every time. If everyone playing now did that I think we’d atleast be able to sustain, but that’s not everyones mindset. Which means we need new players to come and donate which isn’t happening right now. Idk I’m just torn, but it is cool seeing a topic of people talking about it honestly like this.
  6. Alright cool I’ll offer on those, thanks man. My plan is to sometime morph the others myself but idk if I’ll have the time so I may come to you some time for that
  7. Could I get 2, 4, and 5 please
  8. Masterbiks dropping in like its hot
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