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  1. quoyle45

    Enter The Ultra Wormhole

    Quoyle45. Diving back in
  2. quoyle45

    The 50/50 Contest

    quoyle45 Four leaf Yoda Thank you!
  3. quoyle45

    Enter The Ultra Wormhole

    Quoyle45 diving in again
  4. quoyle45

    Enter The Ultra Wormhole

    Quoyle45 again
  5. quoyle45

    We Wish You a Merry Christmas Contest!

    Quoyle45. Merry Christmas everyone!
  6. quoyle45

    Enter The Ultra Wormhole

  7. quoyle45

    Enter The Ultra Wormhole

  8. quoyle45

    October 2018 Releases

    You’re awesome Mongoose! I wait every week for these lists.
  9. quoyle45

    The Smackdown Quarter Has Ended!

    I’d like the Seven Deadly Sins toon
  10. quoyle45

    Honest Opinions Contest

    I don't see myself as less active on CT as I used to be, but active in different ways. In the last year, I have definitely become more active in the chat rooms, but I have decreased the amount of time I have spent in the arcade and on Smackdown. The reason for my decrease in those activities is simply that my technology has changed. My main technology is my iPad, but the arcade and Smackdown don't work on there. Another reason for my decrease in Smackdown is the lack of partners that I can find. Most of the time when your go into the arena, there are already people battling a friend. There are only certain times throughout the day that I can battle and there's usually no one in chat during those times. None of this is the fault of CT in general, but if technology allowed the games to be available on iPad or if you could Smackdown a certain amount daily against a "bot" or non-partner, that would certainly help. Also, I have really been enjoying the CTPD activities to find clues and codes. I think more and varied activities like that would increase my participation.
  11. quoyle45

    Disney Saturday Aug 4th

    I had Basil/Nana/ Pennsylvania. (Sorry it is incomplete. I was having fun with it, but I ran out of time writing) July 2 Under normal circumstances, the narration of my exploits are handled most comparably by my noble assistant, David Q. Dawson. However, the current situation finds Dawson nowhere to be found and I, Basil of Baker Street, left to chronicle my own tale. I find myself in the former colony of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, to be exact. My only companion is a large St. Bernard who goes by the name of Nana. It was by her insistence that she joins me, feeling she owes me more than gratitude for discovering the whereabouts of her charges, the Darling children. While I would usually turn down such an offer, the disappearance of Dawson and the injuries sustained by my basset hound Toby during a run-in with the Sons of Ratigan have left me quite alone. Though I am quite self-sufficient, Nana’s company has been welcome to say the least. In regards to Dawson, his vanishment is what brings me across the Atlantic. Several weeks ago, Dawson began to act out of the ordinary. He exhibited nervous behaviors and would often startle at the faintest of noises. When asked about his disposition, he would laugh meekly and state something to the effect of “Oh, I just need a cup of tea.” Perhaps I should have pursued, but I had been working on a case involving a “glowing beast” that had everyone in the countryside beside themselves. On the evening after discovering the beast was just a hound painted with some phosphorus, a knock was heard on my door. When Mrs. Judson opened it, someone had left a note pinned to the door. It read: “More than King George cracked that day. Find him.” Through deduction, I am here in “The City of Brotherly Love.” Nana feels that we have reached a dead end as a thorough investigation of the former State House and the bell that resides on the bottom floor has revealed no indication of the whereabouts of my dear friend. However, I feel that patience will reveal our next steps. July 3 I awoke this morning to a frightened gasp from Nana. It took a few moments to clear the fog of sleep, as I had been kept awake by both the troubling doubt that Dawson would not be found and the thunderstorm that had passed in the wee hours. When I finally came to, I saw Nana standing and staring at the window. The window has been fogged by the residue of the storm and the warmth of the summer morning. In the fog, there appeared just one word, “Franklin.” (to be continued)
  12. quoyle45

    CT Pog Game

    Quoyle45 again
  13. quoyle45

    CT Pog Game

  14. quoyle45

    July 2018 Releases

    Also, I got a Fallout cToon called Concentrated Fire out of a shop earlier this week. There is no card info and the set info said 2 out of one (have Vault Boy). Was this an accidental early release?
  15. quoyle45

    July 2018 Releases

    Really surprised there's not a Horned King cToon in the Black Cauldron set. Thought it might be an HR
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