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  1. quoyle45

    The smackdown quarter has ended!

    I choose Muscular Robin
  2. quoyle45

    Gold or Nothing

    Set 36 Box 2
  3. quoyle45

    Disney Saturdays!!

  4. quoyle45

    Disney Saturdays!!

    I was here for the January 6 Disney Saturdays. Shark even has me listed. Was I overlooked or did I do something incorrectly?
  5. quoyle45

    CT Holiday Grab Bag!!

    Sent a toon
  6. quoyle45

    Anime Sunday

    Spinarak The web spun by Spinarak can be considered its second nervous system. It is said that this Pokémon can determine what kind of prey is touching its web just by the tiny vibrations it feels through the web's strands.
  7. quoyle45

    Anime Sunday

    I was in Anime Sundays every week but this last one and I'm not even on the list. I should have gotten one.
  8. quoyle45

    #PARTY Contest

    Am I too late to join? quoyle45
  9. quoyle45

    Team Nice

    #8 is O Christmas Tree
  10. quoyle45

    Naughty vs Nice

    Team Nice
  11. quoyle45

    Naughty vs Nice

    Quoyle45 back to the fold.
  12. quoyle45

    Summer Scratch to Win!!

    quoyle45 53 please!
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