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  1. I got so excited.....and i still am!!!!! (eyes tear up)
  2. I'm going to say Tracey or Johanna, I'll be EXTREMELY grateful if i can get anything at all so I dont wanna be picky, but I would prefer those the most. Pokemon is probably my favorite set, and Ive worked so hard to get where I am with this never-ending set and Im still not even close. I saw TWO SUICUNES today and I was so excited and I didn't get either. Im not point rich like so many others so with one of these HRs I'll come a little bit closer to finally completing this set hopefully before the fifth generation comes out. My CollecToons dream is to have all of the PokeMorphs and originals and all the HRs, expired or current. And, of course, Ive been a PokeMon nerd ever since I was 4. I've offered on all the Suicunes and Raikous and Enteis and all the other PokeMon cToons I dont have and have never had any luck so I'm hoping somebody will be nice enough to actually give me one. Now I want to thank you to be doing this for people and to say thank you in advance.
  3. ^ seems to like YuGiOh (Armed Dragon Lv 10 and name=Hayabusa)
  4. Either Mighytena because I love Wolves, or Moltres because it can give me unlimited heat and energy, it can fly, and is the awesomest pokemon Ive ever seen, so Im gonna go with Moltres
  5. Suicune or Raikou, will add any cToon that isnt Original YuGiOh or Pokemon and (have a Decorating Robots that I hope will help) and will pay 70k
  6. im putting in the link for my cworld for the constest.
  7. jov

    This Or That

    Backflip. Sprite or Coke?
  8. jov


    Well, I haven't been on collectoons in a while, so I don't really know how this whole playground thing works, ( a mod can tell me if this is spam), but i log on for old times sake, and, of all things, i see my long awaited inuyasha set! I'm so excited! Yay!
  9. I'm not gonna lie, I've never watched MMA. But I do MMA. which in my opinion is much better.
  10. Is four years that big of a difference? lulz

  11. and that I'm 11.

  12. Jov: Whats up! I finally have seen someone on CollecToons who is bout my age.

    You realize that dew is 12 and Im 13 ;p?

  13. cool profile pic.

  14. ^Shouldn't have a Christmas name in January.
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