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  1. RollingStoned

    Search by Edition

    The My Collection page is the perfect way to sort through your collection any way you want. The exception here is if you care about editions (other exceptions include release date, points, and owners, but I don't care about those at the moment). Most cToons only have an edition 1 copy, but there are several sets that have second editions (to my knowledge, no third editions exist yet). When hovering over a cToon in My Collection, the Trade Board, or the Collectowne Mall (and maybe other pages I haven't checked), the edition is shown. Where's the option to search for editions? Why hasn't that been included?
  2. RollingStoned

    Time Machine Update Time

    On the page, The Broken Time Machine, it states that the batteries recharge every Wednesday. What time? I feel like the time should be included. This could be a simple text edit, but it would be helpful and would remove the need for users wondering why the Time Machine isn't working from 12:00am until whatever time it does work on Wednesdays.
  3. RollingStoned

    Weekly Top 5 User Shops

    Having a "Top 5 Shops" block in the mall is a great way for users to view shops with the most all-time sales. Most sales = most credibility = best deals, right? Right. Yet, user shops have been a thing since 2009, and no shop is removed from the Shop Mall unless the shop's owner's account is no longer in premium status. This accounts for many user shops being effectively abandoned and empty, as is the case with at least one shop currently in the "Top 5 Shops." To even make it in today's all-time top 5 lineup, a user must sell a minimum of 15,896 cToons in their shop, which is very time-consuming and requires lots and lots of customers. How about two rankings: one for most sales in the week and another for most sales of all time? This would add exposure for shops not in the all-time top 5 which are still doing well as far as weekly sales. I'd even be satisfied if it were a monthly count instead of weekly. I'd just like to see something more current.
  4. RollingStoned

    DisneyDaygo's Wish List

    I meant Skull Kid the CO.
  5. RollingStoned

    RollingStoned's Shop

    Come one, come all to get your hands on expired LE's and other toons I can't seem to get rid of! Starting at just 800 points, your Halloween, Christmas, or Memorial Day cWorlds won't be complete without these gems! Suggestions welcome!
  6. RollingStoned

    Have You Ever Game

    In the past, yes, I would love them as much as anyone. Nowadays, I don't like the texture. Have you ever held a lit match and thought you would burn your fingers?
  7. RollingStoned

    The Last Letter Game

  8. RollingStoned

    Name ah Band.

    Sum 41 comes to mind. Fall Out Boy.
  9. RollingStoned

    Don't Think (Pointless)

    Put the ring on the other hand. On what part of the body is a Martian's belly button?
  10. RollingStoned

    Locked Points > Available Points?

    As you can see from the image above, my locked points are higher than my available points by 455. I currently have a 50k point offer on a trade board listing and a 56,130 point offer on an auction. I also have a few smaller bids on different auctions. Why does this system still allow the possibility of negative points? What's going on here?
  11. RollingStoned

    True or False Game

    Correct. I almost always missed out on the Rising Sun because I preferred Kids' WB on Saturdays. I'm going to say true because you're also too cool for CollecToons. True or false: On a visit to the Los Angeles area in 2005, I visited the Taco Bell corporate building. I later became an employee.
  12. RollingStoned

    Simon says

    Done, but I'll still reply to them no matter how many years they've been inactive. Simon says, tell how many points you Roman numerals!
  13. RollingStoned

    Rate persons above avatar

    8/10 because I don't have wings, a tail, or anime hair, so I have to rate it well-above average.
  14. RollingStoned

    Throw A Random Object At The Next User

    *Spiderman catches me as I'm about to fall, saying, "Everybody gets one."* *Throws unopened can of Chef Boyardee brand Beefaroni at the next user*
  15. RollingStoned

    You be the dictionary

    Phlerp: verb. Slang. to boost one's confidence in a prospective mate to elicit a potential weakness. I've phlerped my boyfriend enough to know how to win any argument. My word is ebope.
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