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  1. RollingStoned

    HR Rule Change!! (With Voting Poll)

    That's kind of what I was getting at indirectly with my previous post. You can buy as many copies of a HR as you want on Thursdays and Fridays, but you're only allowed to buy a copy of an active HR from shops if you own no copies of it. Gotcha. So what's to stop a deal between users, let's say for example, user(1) buying multiple copies of a HR from shops and immediately selling each individual copy to user(2) with all intentions for user(2) to sell back each and every copy back to user(1), thus giving user(1) an unfair advantage?
  2. RollingStoned

    HR Rule Change!! (With Voting Poll)

    Doesn't this open the gateway for HR hoarding?
  3. RollingStoned

    HR Rule Change!! (With Voting Poll)

    So, if I'm understanding this right, during the trial period beginning 1/31/2019, users are only allowed to buy one copy of a HR from CollecTowne Plaza shops during the days of Sat-Wed instead of the usual Sat-Fri. Beginning on Thursday at midnight CT time and ending on Friday at 11:59:59 PM CT time, users have no buying or selling limits whatsoever for any of CollecTowne Plaza's remaining unsold copies of HRs for the week. A user can buy a HR on Thursday, sell it, and buy another as soon as it restocks on that same Thursday without being penalized. Alternatively, a user could buy two or more of a HR from CT Plaza shops during the Thursday-Friday period and another copy that Saturday without breaking any rules. Beginning that Saturday, buying limits go back to normal, so a user could buy a third copy on Saturday without being penalized as long as the user does not buy another copy until the following Thursday. Users will be penalized under the terms of the old rules for violating the one HR per week limit on all days that aren't Thursday or Friday. Am I understanding this right?
  4. RollingStoned

    2019 Site Updates

    Come on, people! Let's make the push! There are literally dozens of us...DOZENS!!!
  5. RollingStoned

    cWorlds 2018-19

    Jigglypuff used sing! Mike Wazowski: It had no effect!
  6. RollingStoned

    2019 Site Updates

    And it only costs 11,100 to upgrade if you're like me and had already upgraded your shop to max capacity. Seriously, this is a huge upgrade to user shops! I'm glad this change was made. What else will CT see in 2019??? Hopefully not its demise, but only time will tell
  7. RollingStoned

    Ctoon Mistakes Names, Sets, Sizes, etc.

    equal but separate, you say?
  8. You have 31,844 total ctoons in your collection! <--This is what I see when going to the My Collection page. What might be helpful is if there were another counter here that showed how many unique cToons I owned after my total.
  9. RollingStoned

    What movie does the movie above make you think of?

    Bruce Almighty Jim Carrey was my favorite comedian in my childhood. The Mask and Bruce Almighty were two VHS movies of his I used to watch on repeat.
  10. If you could travel through time, what time would you go back to? It doesn't have to be a year in your lifetime, and you can return if you wish. However, you can only use it once and once only. Let's say you can also pick the destination you travel to and bring a backpack with anything you want inside along with you. You have all the knowledge you currently have, and you are vaccinated for any diseases that might plague you before leaving the current time. Your time travel destination cannot be on any extra-terrestrial locations. When would you go and why?
  11. RollingStoned

    What movie does the movie above make you think of?

    National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets (one of three Nic Cage movies I saw in theaters that year, Ghost Rider and Next being the other two)
  12. RollingStoned

    Isn't this a little redundant for donations?

    I might have been impaired when I wrote this topic I know what you're saying, though. I think I was just thinking too deeply.
  13. Continuing from my last post... The shops on this page aren't all that easy to distinguish from the rest of the background. Only three out of six shops have doors, and there is no universal way to tell where to click to get a given shop. A new user would be stumped to find a shop on this page unless he/she either (1) clicks on the shop links above the graphic, or (2) hovers his/her mouse over the image until the cursor changes. The top-middle section (purple background with a spade, club, and Sylvester) is the most confusing in my opinion because it seems like it should be a shop, but it's not.
  14. This image is great: It's great because it has been the main image for the CollecTowne Plaza before it was even called that. It's only missing a description! Why not add some text to this page that tells the user what this page actually means? It wouldn't hurt.... I'm thinking something like,
  15. Instead of completely reloading the page for when a user attempts to buy a cToon from a CollecTowne Plaza shop past their account's limit (ex. a user with two of a CR attempts to buy a third), could this message be in JavaScript form?
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