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  1. I'm glad you've persisted in your desire to become the ultimate CT SD champ. I don't know a lick about rankings or statistics, but you've got my vote as the best.
  2. What are your favorite episodes of Pokémon from before the Orange Islands and Johto? Here's the WP episode guide in case you need it:émon:_Indigo_League_episodes The funniest episode was "Challenge of the Samurai" clearly because of the Metapod vs. Metapod battle. Anytime I'm feeling nostalgic and in need of a comfort show, I'll think of this episode and my spirits rise. The saddest episode has to be "Pikachu's Goodbye" because it really got me as a child. Ash makes a very grown-up decision to leave Pikachu behind with a group of wild Pikachus, despite the fact that Pikachu has been the only one who's stuck with Ash since the very beginning. My favorite episode is a tie because it's the two-part combination of "Battle Aboard the St. Anne" and "Pokémon Shipwreck" that makes me love this show. Idk what to say, but I like watching disasters, so these have to be my favorites. What are yours?
  3. What are some games you all would recommend for it? Currently I'm looking to play some old-school CD-ROM games based on animated IPs. I'll start with Nightmare Ned and will go from there. Any suggestions?
  4. In your opinion, which cToon has far too few copies in the game to be fair? Which cToon is so hard to come by, but shouldn't be? Is there one old '08, '09, or '10 cToon that you just can't get your hands on to complete your collection? Is it a more recent cToon that just didn't get enough copies in-game before expiration? I want to hear your honest opinions. For me, the Foul Furnishings subset from Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? has been way over-valued and under-supplied, even considering its edition 2 releases. As for an individual cToon, my pick is Candidate Chicken from the '08 Candidates set, but I do realize that the scarcity of this toon and its street value was heavily influenced by a former moderator. Even so, it's one of the rarer Candidate cToons to come by, so I stand by my decision.
  5. That's awesome!!! Thank you for your dedication to this site
  6. Wow!!! Somebody get this man a lifetime CT achievement award!
  7. What's up? How are you? How do you do? Are you okay? Any and all answers appreciated.
  8. Unless my browser cache needs to be refreshed (again), I don't see what you mean. I still get the same results page as I did earlier today. Nothing has changed. I don't see any links on the main search results page to the archive subdomain search results page for the keywords entered. I just see a generic link to an archive subdomain search page that does not contain any keywords I've entered. P.S. I don't know if this is a bug or a feature, but I cannot highlight text normally on I meant to tell you that the word "Shows" should be lowercase.
  9. I understand that that kind of cross-searching functionality would be difficult to code. An easier solution might be to create a dynamic link in the main search results page that links to the results page on the archive subdomain for the original keywords searched. You could replace the following text: You can access the library through the menus or through this link. with Search for [search-keywords] in the <a href=[search-keywords]&Button_Search=Search>Retro Reprints archive</a>.
  10. I just changed the email on the RollingStoned account to and haven't gotten a confirmation email. I've been locked out of my account as of today. Help!
  11. That's better. That's a lot better...but what I'm failing to understand is why the main search results page doesn't include results from the archives section by default (yes, I've read the blog post). Maybe an "advanced search" feature with the ability to include results from the archive section needs to be implemented? I'm confused as to what pages the default search box is actually searching through if the entire site is an archive of books and coloring pages. Is the default search just for blog posts? What good is that? It's also very odd that the archives page includes the search bar in the header by default whereas the search bar on the main site is only accessible by clicking the magnifying glass. I almost didn't see the search function at all on the main site until I scrolled back up to the top.
  12. This sentence in the blog post has redundant wording and wording. A hyperlink to the archives section in this paragraph would be mighty convenient. Also, it's to my understanding that the entire Retro Reprints site is built around an archive, so the default search page should include archive results, should it not?
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