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  1. My best interpretation of the OP's suggestion is to add an automated in-game list of all cToons that includes a column for a checkbox that, when ticked, indicates to other users that the selected cToon is wanted by the user. A decade and a half ago, Orbit released cToon checklists periodically that detailed the upcoming releases with a box for users to "check" which cToons they owned. These lists weren't automated, however, so users had to print them off on copy paper and do the checking by hand.
  2. These are the same chat phrases that have been on CT for at least 10 years. Can we get an update? User suggestions acceptable!
  3. Yes, but no. Have you ever won a game of rock, paper, scissors with a turkey sandwich?
  4. July 4, 2013: I smoked a full cigar for the last time.
  5. Surely Stephen Colbert's cartoon version of the president counts as animation, right? I'm suggesting we create a set for next year's general election that includes cartoon Trump along with other users' ideas.
  6. How about we create a social media page for CollecToons on SnapChat? Snaps could be users' cWorlds, upcoming releases, contests, or anything else that gets attention. How about it?
  7. RollingStoned

  8. If approved by the mods and backed by CT collateral, why would it be against the rules? Oh, come on. No one likes having debt, but sometimes you've just got to pay that bill somehow...
  9. In real life, we have loan sharks. On CT, there's no such thing as a loan. How about we designate certain accounts as CT "loan sharks" to give points to those who cannot afford them? The borrower and the lender would agree on a contract for the borrower to pay back the points with an interest rate by a certain date. If the borrower doesn't pay by that date, the lender gets to charge interest--just like in real life!
  10. Real-life offers us scratch-off tickets in addition to biweekly lottery jackpots. CT only offers once-every-once-in-a-while jackpots. Why aren't there more lottery options? Where's the instant win to win 20k points lottery scratch-off? Where are my fruit-based tokens?
  11. It doesn't seem like a total waste IMO. Users may want to hide their extra stock of the same cToons they have in stock until all stock is bought up. What's wrong with an automatically-restocking feature?
  12. One of my most critical complaints about the CT Mall is that it is entirely driven by the users and not the cToons. A user's name is more important than the cToons that user has in stock. Let's say I'm looking for a cToon made of gold. I type the word "golden" into the search bar and get a list of shops. Phooey!!! I want a list of cToons. I don't care who I'm buying it from as much as what cToon I'm buying. The CT Mall search bar only lets me search for shops that contain results for the keyword "golden". It does not let me look at the cToons themselves. This is an issue auctions have solved for a long, long time (back in the days when Cartoon Orbit first added auctions in '03-'04.). Why can't CT do this for user shops?
  13. Restocking my user shop used to be a joy, back when the maximum number of stockable cToons was ~600. It's 800 now, and I'm getting behind. How about we make user shops have a total stock limit of 1000, but only 800 cToons are visible to the public? We could potentially stock 200 more cToons than the current limit gives us, but those 200 would be hidden away until buyers start taking our stock. How about it?
  14. This seems like a really easy addition. Bump?
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