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  1. I'd like to sign up. Count me in!
  2. Great to know you're still interested in the site, Ssoldier. It's good to hear opinions from longtime users. My answer to your challenge is as follows: no, CT definitely did not receive the investment needed to take it off the ground. It hasn't even come close. How could it have? CT was invented without any input from the original artwork licensees. The companies behind Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Disney, etc. are conglomerates that wouldn't hesitate to put CT to an end if it weren't for existing digital copyright legislation. CT only exists today due to the fair-use artwork rationales in copyright law. If not for fair use, CT would not exist at all. To be self-sustaining, CT either has to have copyright licenses for all of its content or call itself a non-profit. CT has chosen the latter, but that decision isn't without its faults. Simply put, without explicitly licensed artwork, CT is doomed to dwell in the non-profit zone, so it doesn't have a chance at being self-sustaining without massive user donations. CT could have been a profitable venture, for sure. If CT were owned by Turner Broadcasting, Viacom, or some other big animation corporation, it would be reeling in profits left and right. That just isn't how CT is, though. The way it is, if CT continues to be supported off of donations and volunteer work alone, it won't exist much longer. That's just my opinion, man.
  3. You made good points, but this is the main one I want to address. Money has never not been a problem for CT. The site started out small, and most likely it will end even smaller. There are no CT offices, no payroll, no schedules, no executives, and no employees. It's one website with one man in charge, a small list of volunteers, and no named successor, and all the data stored on the main site could theoretically exist entirely in its creator's house. Donation funds are spread more thinly than melted butter on toast, and a lot of it goes straight to keeping the site on life support. Time and effort are viable options, but that return diminishes with each passing year. CT's community is growing older, so older members must find more and more time to balance their interest in the site with real-life obligations such as their jobs, their significant others, their social lives, their family members, their other hobbies, their chores, their automobiles, their vacations, their debts, their sleep schedules, etc. If everyone could do twice as much in their day, CT wouldn't have this problem, but time stops for no mouse. CT just doesn't have any resources to spare for paid employees, even if it is a non-profit.
  4. Imagine being Mr. A. "Don't Call Me The Grand Poobah" @The Grand Poobah H. in mid-late 2008 and creating the idea for a spiritual successor to Cartoon Orbit, an electronic TCG from two years ago that you were very much involved in, with your own server(s) and an already established fanbase. It will carry the "cToon" terminology with Neopets-inspired shops. If you were him, what would you have named this website? I'm not saying the title for this site is imperfect, but others may disagree. I just want to know your opinions. There is no right or wrong answer. Please keep this discussion civil.
  5. Replying to myself, here (I know). Imagine the wealth gap that would exist if CT offered private loans and credit like the US does. I may have toyed with suggesting something similar before, but it would overall be a catastrophe for CT. If you think for one second that the inflation rate would be any bit lower, you're so wrong you should be banned from public radio!
  6. I have made more than enough votes in this month's top 10 cWorld contest to have at minimum 10 cWorlds show up in the "Visit cWorlds" page, but as of now, only 8 cWorlds are on the list. Why is that? Does my vote not count? Other cWorlds I've voted for are in the top 10. Do only certain cWorlds get admitted? What's the deal here? In past days, this page was updated with every vote, but that isn't the case today. What's going on here?
  7. I can't tell where the background ends and where the character begins.
  8. Can you right-click and get a context menu anywhere on I bet you can't. When you log in on the game, do you find yourself also wanting to log in to the forums (or practically any other CT page) in a different tab via the main site, but can't? Here's why. By default, CT's JavaScript disables users from right-clicking anywhere on the main site to get a context menu. The context menu for right-clicking the forums link would look something similar to this: I'm sure this addition was originally made to combat hackers who tried to modify the site's scripts to their advantage. Due in part to thorough tests on the site's scripts roughly made 9-10 years ago, this isn't exactly necessary nowadays. If you would like a button to add right-click context menus on the main site, simply add the following to your bookmarks bar: "javascript:void(document.oncontextmenu=null);". If you would like this functionality enabled by default, let me hear your opinions!
  9. As we speak, the favicon for CT is watching us all. It sees us when we're sleeping, it knows when we're online. It knows when we've banned or good so be good for CT's sake! If you aren't sure what I'm talking about, look on the tab header for this page in your browser and take a look at those two deep-ocean blue eyeballs on the left staring back at you. How does it feel? 0.0
  10. And we did it all without loans or credit cards!
  11. I wouldn't say it's absolute trash, but it's sub-par for Disney. My friend who (surprisingly) had never seen the original version really liked this film, and I personally didn't find it too bad on its own. It just wasn't nearly as great as the original. Oftentimes when I watch a movie I loved during childhood as an adult, I look at the credits in disappointment because my rose-tinted nostalgia glasses didn't do the film justice in my mind. For The Lion King (1994), which I viewed earlier in 2019, my reaction was actually stronger than it was when I was shown this film as a child. The "Circle of Life" opening nearly brought me to tears as a grown adult. The remainder of the 1994 movie has multiple scenes with just as much emotional power. As for my main complaint with the remake, Scar's voice in the 1994 version embodies the personality a real villain is supposed to have. He is believable, charming, and evil to the core. He's an unmerciful being overcome by greed and power. His ability to seek others to do his bidding comes with no strife to the hyenas who reside in the Pride Land's outskirts. He's a lying, manipulative, and deceitful cat, and his nephew Simba only gives him justice at the end of the film. It's hurtful to watch Scar dig his paws into Mufasa's and speak the words, "Long live the king." The remake butchers this scene like it does many others. I've seen the 1994 version dozens of times at least, but I won't watch the remake twice.
  12. To all tea-drinkers of CT, what is your favorite kind of tea to drink? As for pre-made gas station teas, Arizona's Arnold Palmer Half and Half is great IMO. Peace Tea's Sno-Berry flavor is a close second. I don't like the Arizona Watermelon tea, but I'll drink the original Arizona Green Tea any day. It just isn't my favorite. Now if we're talking teas we can brew at home, Earl Grey is my go-to tea. It's sweet, but not too sweet, and its aroma is very pleasant. What are your favorite teas to drink?
  13. The billionaires have control of everything without the need to be in power. Billionaires lobby the ones in power to gain an unfair advantage so that they can stay the wealthiest in the game while the poorest ones stay poor and the rich get richer. Oh, wait, we're talking about the CT economy, not the U.S. one. Or are we?
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