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  1. Cipher's Desires

    What's your offer on Innocent Angelica?
  2. This is a PS1 game. Spongebob Gary Plankton Man Ray Flying Dutchman Caterpillar Reef Blower
  3. Shenmue

    Nozomi and kitten? Defeated Ryo Homeless Man
  4. The images below aren't the best but we need this set!!! Crouching Spiderman Mary Jane Hobgoblin Venom AO Doctor Octopus Web-slinging Black Spidey Think the following might be fanart, but the images are good!
  5. GTA San Andreas

    San Andreas was my favourite - I never got the chance to play 5 properly lol.
  6. GTA San Andreas

    A set for this would be epic! CJ / Fat CJ/ Muscular CJ / Skinny CJ Big Smoke Sweet Ryder Officer Tenpenny Cesar Vialpando Catalina The Truth Mike Toreno Wu Zi Mu Zero OG Loc Claude Ballas Vagos GTA San Andreas Logo Grove Street Families Bike Riding CJ
  7. Speed Freaks

    An old PS1 game I enjoyed playing. Not the best images but might work as cheap arcade toons... Tabatha Tempest Monica
  8. Sora's Wishlist!

  9. Mortal Kombat

    Yeah thanks CG, I usually try for transparent images where possible. Like for Defenders of the Realm, a quick Google search failed to provide me with quality, ready-to-go images.
  10. Mortal Kombat

    This would be a cool code/AO/PO etc. We also need an MK plaque that reads "Flawless Victory" or "Test Your Might". MK: Defenders of the Realm Nearly a full image of Raiden I'll be on the lookout for more art on DOTR...
  11. Valentines Disney Hunger Games

    Thanks Kitty - could I get Aladdin and Jasmine please?
  12. The Prince of Egypt

    ^Not an appropriate image but I think this set could do with a new code toon or PO or Time Machine (Ancient Egypt) or maybe AO.
  13. Joseph Kind Of Dreams

    I need to find some decent artwork for this yet. It was a good movie so just making a thread for it for now!
  14. Sora's Wishlist!

    Cinderblock x2 on tb for you. And Baby Perry too! Mandark's up also now!
  15. Site Suggestion Dump

    One "issue" which has been around for the longest time is the lack of enthusiasm to auction toons. Players much prefer the tradeboard for the obvious reasons (the risk of an auction closing at a price lower than desired). So, in order to address this, what if Collectoons pays a seller 10% (or more) of the closing price of a toon? For example, I auction a Dragonite and it closes at 30,000. The player who wins the auction gets the toon for 30,000. The seller gets 30,000 from the buyer + 3,000 from Collectoons. You could have bands such as the following; 1-5000 = 30% 5-10000 = 20% 10-50000 = 10% 50-500000 = 5% 500000+ = 2% For myself, this makes auctioning a whole lot more desirable as it reduces the risk of your toon selling for less than you expect and you could possibly get more than expected! In my humble opinion, we need to encourage auctions over tradeboard/user-shop to improve channel-mix. As of now, it feels like trade mix is as follows; 70% tradeboard, 29% user shops, 1% auctions. @Sora @Xavianangel - What do you think?
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