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  1. Hello team, Anyone know of any games similar to CT out there?
  2. Do you think a healthy budget (developers, marketers, Ops team, etc) would change that at all if we started over?
  3. What are everyone's thoughts? Do you think there is a business case for it? Do you think there is demand (1000 daily active users) and potential with a healthy funding budget behind it?
  4. I just logged on after a couple of months. I can't say i'm surprised but this is definitely very bittersweet. I joined back in early 2009 as one of the early and longest-lasting players on here. The countless hours I spent on here... @Sora any way we can get a data download of our toons? They won't be usable, but I'd love the ability to scroll through my collection for nostalgic purposes. I think if nothing else, if we can document as much of this game as possible to reflect back on, that will be a satisfying end... at least for me. I think the peak of my satisfaction of this game was during a time where there was a tightly-knit group of friends in the chat group playing together. I recall @Ike (hunting partner) @ChelseaOrgana21 (I still watch IT Crowd, Peep Show and the other shows you introduced me to) @Gamascottie @Zman21 (I hope you're doing well buddy) @sciencefriction @Bunny21 @punz @champ and a few others I'm sure. I touched base with a lot of players here over the years as someone that was fairly consistent with playing and never away for longer than a few months. I do agree strongly with @Masoonite's first post in this thread. It would be great to keep in touch with as many of as possible in the future. Perhaps there are other games we can migrate to together as a community to play. At any rate, if anyone wishes to exchange contact details to keep in touch, I'd be happy to. The shifts in life that have occurred over the lifespan of this game have been rather significant for me. From completing school, to touring internationally, completing my degree, going corporate, running my own businesses, creating wealth and becoming an influencer. If anyone ever needs any help, don't hesitate to reach out to me. Thank you to the following people: @Sora @Ike @Zman21 @Bunny21 @punz @Gamascottie @ChelseaOrgana21 @sciencefriction @Masoonite @Xavianangel @woodstock24 @cube @BROKEN raven123 @DarthEZ1 @Raven @Josh123 @Jwoolman1993 @Moana of Motunui @Jazzy @LovingGoddess @Sharktibolt @FredTheFish @RollingStoned @ThePokeman92 @Coolguy @oasisx @randaaroo @ChiTheWarrior666
  5. Great to hear from you Char. I agree with you. My challenge back would be that the site never fully received the investment needed to take it off the ground - hence it was never self-sustaining. Now if you are saying that CT could never have been a profitable venture, then it was doomed to fail right from the very beginning... (which may be true, but we need to face that fact then)
  6. Non-profits can definitely legally pay their staff. If there isn't money to spare, then give staff a percentage of donations - this motivates them to help the community grow too as they benefit directly from it. This is a variable cost model which means the owner need not go out-of-pocket and take risk either. I use this model for my businesses and the people that work with me. (Of course, if this isn't desirable, then the owner again needs to think about injecting some money into the game and pay staff in the form of; per hour rate, per project basis, commission based on player growth, etc.) As with any other business, if the CEO/Owner/leader wants to make it work, they do whatever it takes to make it work. But when the leader has given up hope, then the followers give up too. I've read a lot of decent suggestions but most of them aren't addressing the fundamental big problems that need to be rectified in order for a game like this to be sustainable and scalable too. Small fixes to the TB and Auctions etc are great, but they won't provide any substantial positive impact. The number one key issue is the number of players and player turnover. When the community is thriving, the tradeboards and auctions are busier, HRs are harder to come by and more valuable, therefore players hunt in shops more, therefore activity is boosted. New players want to be able to buy something from the shops, then sell it on the tradeboard for more - that is the fundamental first action of most players. They are only able to do that when there is a big player-base. This will help rectify turnover and increase longevity. So how do we get a lot more players? It comes back to expending resources by the owner and admin team (money, time, effort). You can't expect the players or volunteers that are mods to fix this - how does that make any sense? They are here to have fun too. Even if they do volunteer to put in considerable resources to fix things, it isn't sustainable because they can't do that forever. However, if they are paid, then that changes the situation. The fundamental structure needs to be addressed.
  7. 2 more points that I think would go a long way. 1. The game, in its current condition, is too damaged. Points are way out of hand, way too many toons, everything is a little out of hand. I want to propose that we start clean, afresh again. Reset the game, everyone has fresh accounts, 0 points, 0 toons in game and begin again. We've learnt a lot over the last decade, some things were done well and some things were mistakes. Starting afresh will give fresh motivation to players and mods alike. 2. The owners, admins and mods need to start seeing this as a business. I propose that Toon gives share equity, or a % of revenues/donations generated to his admin/moderation team. The mods are great for helping out so generously, but getting real professionals that have backgrounds in; marketing, sales (scaling and growth), operations, community, branding etc will truly help to get this game to another level. Incentivising them with share equity or revenue share will keep them motivated to work on this game as if it were their job too. Everyone working together towards the same vision. Of course, if an admin isn't pulling their weight, they can be removed or replaced too. But this is how you can make it sustainable. Thoughts?
  8. Hello CT! Checking in after a while. How is everyone doing and what have you guys been up to?

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    2. Xavianangel
    3. deepcanyon1


      its good to see you back :) and just enjoying summer here in florida..and making our business much are you doing?

    4. XxGothsCanSmile2xX


      Hey, its been a while! Nice to talk to you again.^^ Things have been alright, the summer heat is torture here in Minnesota, but beyond that, Ive finally been getting my streaming channel active and hope to get more of my entertainment media done along the way.

  9. Unfortunately the site does need some major investment - not the type that can be collected from the existing pool of players. So whether you've lost the spark to "create" the interest for new players or whether it is financial constraints, it is looking very bleak. For this to have ever been a good success, it would have needed consistent investment and cash injections till it hit 10K active players after which revenues may have been self sustaining. The fact that the site had to source its own money to upgrade itself was an uphill battle it was very unlikely to win. I always felt Collectoons had great potential but it didn't build on the momentum during its peak years in 2010-12 when we really should've been fleshing out a new design, new mini games, a functioning Card Clash etc... It would be great to grab some memories as this was an amazing game and community!
  10. you have been one of my longest friends on CT and I wanted to come by and say thank you for the advice when I came back to CT last year. I think of how you said I could have anything I really wanted in this game because of my drive to push myself and to work hard get things accomplished. that alone meant a lot to me. 


    THank you 

  11. 10K for a HR is peanuts. There is no way I would hunt HRs for a 10k reward. That's the equivalent to 10-15 mins of arcade.
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