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  1. I remember back in the day @Raven made a post with a list of cWorlds to click on to make surfing more efficient. You used to get 5 points for every cWorld you visited. That was over 10 years ago.. and here we are now. It'll be very strange not having Collectoons around to randomly login to and mess around for awhile on. Thank you @The Grand Poobah for all of your efforts throughout the years, I can't imagine what it took to get through the lows with the site. Cartoon Orbit was my childhood and you found a way to capture a piece of that and allow me to re-live it for many many years. Of course a major shoutout to all the mods throughout the years who have contributed an effort that most of us will never understand (especially @Xavianangel for dealing with my antics over the years and having fantastic communication skills). A lot of my old orbit friends stopped playing ages ago (except for @Jazzy @xaviersxmen @RollingStoned, hello friendos) and I've always been coming and going. But thank you very much to everyone in this community who has always welcomed me back with open arms like I never took a break. After my account got deleted and I came back @Rella @UnLuckyTriple7s @BROKEN raven123 donated a few toons on my wishlist and it meant a lot so thank you for that (: I know they haven't logged in for ages but to my old partners @chugborbin @JeffC7227 @RockNRolla if you ever see this, what's up fam!?
  2. Late to the party, but here's the complete A.O.s Still friends with a few people from the Orbit days, some fantastic memories bottled up in that site.
  3. Noticed something with the trade board: Offered 300,000 points on a Trade Board listing. Points: 1,175,012 Available Points: -4,524,988 | Locked Points: 5,700,000 Just wanted to give a heads up
  4. Welcome! check out my cworld, it should hit a couple nostalgia strings
  5. Yeah the first wave of players were almost exclusively from cartoon orbit, there was huge excitement around CT. On launch I remember points were so hard to come by, if you had 50k you were super rich!
  6. Welp, I made it! Joined the site on 10/4/2008 at the young age of 15. It's been a great ride so far and look forward to another 10 years! Thank you all for having some sort of role in my life (:
  7. Not sure how much effort something like this would take and if it would be worth it. But I remembered the other day that back in a Cartoon Orbit cWorld if you clicked on a "plaque" it would take you to another cWorld that had that plaque in it, so you could see other cWorlds of people that had the same interests as you "oh hey look we are both aries" Figured I'd throw that thought out there (:
  8. 200 CRS RESTOCKED @ ONLY 3k!!!!
  9. Awesome idea! Gonna get started on these tonight
  10. It doesn't go unnoticed, you're dedication is absolutely admiring @Xavianangel
  11. Trust, I don't disagree with anything being said. I just wish when I put my effort into earning points it could be the way that I enjoy which is restocking and buying and selling. I'm ultimately looking for a solution to get restocks to yield a higher return and get the trade board and auction house flowing so that buying and selling can be a means of making profit.
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