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  1. Hope you had a good birthday man!

  2. Happy Birthday fellow September 6th birthdayer!

  3. Happy Birthday fellow September 6th birthdayer!

    1. screechingweasel96


      hahaha thanks! happy birthday to you too!  hope you had a good one!

  4. Happy birthday!

    1. reaper9697


      Thank you very much!


  5. reaper9697

    Naughty vs Nice

    Naughty Boys.
  6. reaper9697

    Naughty vs Nice

    Got something I recognize. Thank you.
  7. reaper9697

    Black Friday Deals

    I snagged PS4 Battlefield 1 and Grand Theft Auto V online with Best Buy. Half off!
  8. reaper9697

    Naughty vs Nice

    Looks like fun, Reaper9697.
  9. Happy Birthday.


    1. Elphie


      Thank you! :D 

  10. reaper9697

    The Aging Film Lover

    This looks really fun.
  11. Happy Birthday there :bday2:


  12. reaper9697

    The Aging Film Lover

    Yeah, I think it is great. Add me when you do! (Reaper9697) It is connected to imdb so should be very accurate, and contain a wide variety of movies.
  13. reaper9697

    The Aging Film Lover

    You should really use this website Checklist of all the movies you have seen. You may could even make it into the top 10 ha! Also could be a good way to find new similiar movies in the categories.
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