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  1. jacobnavicki

    What Do You Want To Be When You Are Older?

    i wanna be a farmisist
  2. jacobnavicki

    Buffy The Vampire Slayer

    umm i dont know what that is hahaha
  3. jacobnavicki

    Halo 3

    wow i wanna play halo with you
  4. jacobnavicki


    mines captaicool so if your on there we should play like death match together
  5. jacobnavicki

    The Skyrocketing Price Of Holy Rares

    i get good scores on snake and gunrun other than that i stink at those games
  6. jacobnavicki


    aren't you my friend on xbox live
  7. jacobnavicki

    The Skyrocketing Price Of Holy Rares

    ive noticed that holy rares on the trade board are costing more an more i remember buying non expired holy rare for 12k to 15k a few months ago now they cost 20k to 30k does anyone know why?
  8. jacobnavicki


    idk why but i love the multiplayer and prestige and stuff like that thats why its my favorite game
  9. jacobnavicki

    Halo 3

    im pretty sure you could call 1 800 4 my xbox i think thats the number if not you could probably find it on xbox.com
  10. jacobnavicki

    Happy Birthday Jacobnavicki!

    thanks guys
  11. jacobnavicki

    Halo 3

    Gamertag: captaicoolHighest skill lvl: 42Current Rank: colonial grade 2
  12. jacobnavicki


    who plays call of duty 4its the best
  13. jacobnavicki

    Pokemon Towering Legends

    I got this high score and submitted it and it didn't put me up on the hiscores.. This is the second time it has happened.. What the deuce!
  14. jacobnavicki

    Xbox Live

    halo, madden i rent alot im probably going to get call of duty 4 and 5 i sent everybody who put there gamertags on there an invite
  15. jacobnavicki

    Xbox Live

    if any body has xbox live add me my gamertag is captaicool
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