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  1. what a weird contest haha

  2. You are beautiful :3

  3. we almost have the same b-day

  4. missing you all! <3

  5. all4love

    Hello :)

    hey toon!!!! i'm actually living in the UK right now, so couldn't tell you how Cali is. but i miss you too!!!hey jazzy!! so i actually found a super old post from another site that I started about's hilarious, it said something like "i would love you if i was a le..." and then everyone made a huge deal about it hahaha and i don't really know anything about how to collect here, and i probably would take more than a month to figure it out, and by that time, courage would already be gone but maybe if i ever get some free time i can try to figure it out. ahhh hokey!!!!!! how are you???? have u talked to darkone lately? oh and what did u do after high school?? i remember you talking about usc (boo!! haha) :)hey rusty!! of course i remember you!! how are you????and hey taco and chill! good to meet you guys :)sorry this post is kinda weird but it's so nice to talk to you all again!
  6. all4love

    Hello :)

    Hey guys,It's been a very long time since I have been active in the 'orbit' world, but I wanted to say hi to all my old friends and possibly keep in touch.I don't know if there are that many people left that know me, but if so, send me a message and let's catch up. :)For those of you that don't know me, I'm "all" and I used to collect Courage and Sheep in the Big City ctoons haha.Hope everyone is having a nice October :)Love,all4
  7. all4love


    Hi darby, thank you for letting us know.Michael was one of my best friends online, and he is a wonderful person. I know that he will pull through, no matter how awful it is, because he has such a great attitude about life. I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers. Please keep us updated on his health. I wish the family all the best!Amanda
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