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  1. Happy Birthday....you old man you!:lol:

    1. BROKEN raven123

      BROKEN raven123

      I can still beat ya in a foot race, youngster 

  2. They found brady's jerseys from superbowl 49 and 51. I guess some guy in the media stole them....at least now we can all sleep soundly.
  3. 1len5r.jpg

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    2. mkw19


      not I. I do not like driving nor shoveling this stuff (or in sharks case working in it). 

    3. BROKEN raven123

      BROKEN raven123

      That's very true. I don't mind shoveling, but driving or working... ugh

    4. gianki


      Lol, never seen snow in my life!! They say its not as pretty as Hollywood pictures it in the movies, but still would like to see some snow, at least for a day :P

  4. dark tournament characters please!
  5. Fairy tail
  6. It was at that point there, that I screamed " what the heck!"
  7. thats team nice's elf XD
  8. in the house window it shows a tree in one and candles(?) in the other
  9. I'll take box 18
  10. Found one in the Codes section, 8-11-16
  11. my snowman brings all the rainbows to the yard...
  12. Im the only one that can hit you. the names cold...Captain cold.


  13. 17- I saw mommy kissing santa claus
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