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  1. Think my forum account got hacked o_0

  2. Heyyy, what a rare appearance, haha. I saved your account from auto deletion a few months back. :P Make sure you login every 6 months or the system just completely deletes your account, lol.

  3. street

    Back for a bit

    Wow collectoons has grown so much. It looks the same but the community is bigger which i like =). Some of you may remember me, if you dont your a bad friend! You know who you are! Yes you! Who is staring at my username and thinking to yourself "I swear i seen him before" lol Just wanted to get to know the new community a bit with an intro. Special hi to taco,garo,tails,jazzy and to those new guys i met in the chat goten,viking,bunny,forgetname,oneguy,guyontheright,quietoue I probably wont get back to this post until later in the night. I'm out hunting food
  4. street

    Hello Everyone =)

    Hi tails!!! i missed you too, i been flooded with work and school Wow thanks raven i will shoot you a pm in due time =) thank you Thanks Jazzy =) TACOOOOOOO wow long time no see yea been busy with college..Yea we need to catch up and the old msn groups crew. I really never thought the tiny toons i collected would become rare Nice to see that some people from the start of collectoons is still around. Also nice to see some people from the complete orbit guide Malach is still around.
  5. street

    New Moon

    I went to see 2012 and i teased the people that were camping outside "I'm going to see it online for free!" Plus it was raining. Not really a fan of twilight its just another vampire movie with hot guys its just buffy to me lol
  6. street

    Hello Everyone =)

    Wow collectoons has grew..I just found the site again and i must say its has grown.How is everyone? Who remember me? Also trying to become a bit collectooon swavvy so whats rare?
  7. street

    Spurs won again!

    Suns record is 25 wins 19 lost, ALSO SPURS WON! Wohoo "pay up fuzzy" xD
  8. street

    Funniest show on CN

    CN:ChowderAdult Swim:Aqua Teen Hunger force
  9. street

    Spurs won again!

    I'm a Spurs fan! Fuzzy knows this seeing that we made bets daily on the game. Also i think spurs will beat the suns(fuzzy team). Do i smell a bet fuzzy
  10. street

    An Actual...

    Can we not use the upcoming ctoons zone? Is that not being used now as a trade zone?
  11. street

    Viewable Ctoon Database?

    Sweet thanks for showing me that thread. =) But over 1k toons that seems like a lot of work o0, i know one site that has made a database for neopets, jellyneo made one and neopets has a lot of items but their items are easy to look up, something simillar to theirs is what i wanted to see in the future or make one but thats another topic
  12. Well i'm back from my adventure from work and school *_*. Now i want to start collecting but i dont know what to collect =/ I started the transformers but idk all the toons that have been released for this category.So will their be a viewable database of all the toons? In the good old cartoon orbit days you could look at your collections view the show and see the toons that were released.If this is already created can someone point me in the direction? =X been a while since i been on....Also lock thread if it is made Thanks =)
  13. street

    Graphics guy wanted

    If you tell me what is needed on the site, then i will see if I'm able to create them. I will be making the splash for the site, i just need to go home. lol This is a example of what i can do for many that dont know my gfx.
  14. streeeeeeeetttttttttttttttt

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