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    Collecting old toons such as looney tunes, PPG, EEE, courage, etc.

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  1. Couragee

    Guess The Score

    3-2 with ManU....wayynneeeeee rooooooneyyyy!!!
  2. Couragee

    My attempt at a collectoons podcast

    love the dubstep in the backround
  3. Couragee

    Paul's Veterans Day Activities 2.0

    Guess #1: 26 Guess #2: 53
  4. Couragee

    Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids

    fat albert would be a great set.. i loved that show
  5. Couragee

    November 2011 releases

    I cannot wait for "whatever happend to robot jones"!!!!!!! if they have the HR ... ill be paying big for it.
  6. Couragee

    all dbz lovers check this out

    DUUDDDEEE!!!!! Thatss crazzzzzzzzzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...haha
  7. Couragee

    October 2011 releases

    I Looooooovvvvveeeeeeeeee the spongebob LE' set for this week!!!!...How long will they be in the shops for?
  8. Couragee

    new rarity?

    oo alright...thanks guys!!....and how much would u say a spectral card is worth??
  9. Couragee

    new rarity?

    i was just wondering around in my collection and notice that there are 2 new rarities, spectral and chaos rare. when did these come out,what toons have these rarities and how do i get them???
  10. Couragee

    Harvey Birdman

    thanks alot!!
  11. Couragee

    Harvey Birdman

    Can someone give me the list of toons that are in the set....its not in the Ctoon database for some reason..
  12. Couragee

    Cworld Bug

    i cleared it but it still isnt working
  13. Couragee

    Cworld Bug

    im using explorer
  14. Couragee

    Cworld Bug

    when i try to edit my Cworld it wont let me move the toons around... why is this happening??!!
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