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  1. Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday Sincitydevil, happy birthday to you.

  2. Happy Birthday Sincitydevil

    Thanks everyone! I appreciate it!
  3. Not getting a confirmation e-mail?

    Thanks A Lot!
  4. Not getting a confirmation e-mail?

    It's my game account. I haven't used my old email address in years. I don't even remember what the password was.
  5. Not getting a confirmation e-mail?

    Nope, still haven't received a confirmation.
  6. Not getting a confirmation e-mail?

    Hi, I updated my account with a new email address, but, I haven't received a confirmation email to reverify my account. Thanks.
  7. Happy Birthday Uncfanatic, Marvelfan, & Dagarxji

    Happy Birthday!
  8. Happy Birthday, Blossom!

    One of the nicest players in the game.
  9. Database cToon Name Change

    "Swamp Thing" from the new Ultimate Spider-man set is actually "Man-Thing".
  10. auction problem

    Thanks for looking into it, guys. My Mephisto Pheles has now also disappeared from the auctions. Just an update: Both Spectra and Mephisto are back in my collection. Thanks, Again!
  11. auction problem

    I had a Spectra Vondergeist disappear from the auctions. It's not listed in ended auctions, I didn't receive any points for it and it's not in my collection. If someone could look into it I would appreciate it. Thanks.
  12. Powerpuff Girls Prize Pack

    Sincitydevil, Thanks for the awesome contest!
  13. Happy Birthday Sincitydevil!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone!
  14. missing ctoons

    Thanks A Lot!
  15. missing ctoons

    I don't have any active trades or auctions. Thanks.
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