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  1. I wont be doing it but you should open it up to all and not just donators.
  2. Oodles of noodles dont turn into stew.
  3. I have noodles thats what I have to survive on mostly around this place.:(
  4. Forget that I dont want to have to play this on my phone you know how laughable that is to think that your czone is gonna be so small with tons of toons on it much smaller.
  5. To bad the site is closing
  6. " Subject Re: lol Message This legendary creature is a rngine of destruction, virtually invincible, very few have faced this awesome creature and lived to tell about it. ***xaviersxmen: Ebay has nothing to do with value on this game...lol"
  7. "This DDS blue eyes is worth like $600 dollars on eBay so I would like 500,000 points for it?????" Common ctoon on trade lol.
  8. " for those who have asked The Total Cost each Month to Keep Afterlife going as is = $549.85 " This is a server got a open world game called Ark and 7 days to die and has way more info and players at a time on. I dont see how this little game take 500 a month. You all might have been getting ripped off.
  9. Or someone that has a private server at their house can hold it im sure.
  10. I dont know really what to say. I have been playing this from day 1 and most of the time orbit was around. Im gonna miss this.:(Man this sucks but im glad I had another chance to feel orbit again.:( Maybe someone else will take up the job with this game.
  11. Anyone have any info on how many holiday scooby cut outs there is?
  12. Right click im sure is disabled to keep form right clicking to take images or something. If you want another window just push the roller on your mouse. Who dont know that?
  13. If I knew it was gonna take this long I would have waited till I found the gold and turned that one in.
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